One Quilter's Scraps . . .

. . . are another quilter's treasure, I was going to say.  But actually there are two quilters' scraps that have come my way in the past few days.  And they are treasure.

These CW repro lovelies were an out-of-the-blue gift from Nancy, a sweetheart in Missouri who I've done some trading with this past year.  She saw my post where I said that I didn't need to buy any more CW fabric and ventured the opinion that receiving CW fabric as a giftie didn't violate any vows.  And promptly went out and sent me a bulging bag of fabric scraps and FQs, most of which were unknown to me.  I'm especially delighted by those yellows and that there orange print.  Thank you, Nancy!

And then Lori was having a stash-cleaning event and offered a variety of goodies.  I spoke out for a bag of scraps and Lo! and Behold! I was the fortunate winner.  I have a vague idea of how to use them, but am waiting for said idea to evolve.  Thank you, Lori!

I received such a joy-filled response this morning from the recipient of the bag I made yesterday that I am thinking that each month this year I should make something to give away, a Gift For No Occasion, to someone who is not expecting it.  This plan fits in nicely with Juliann's ever-so-polite-and-gentle request that we think about giving more.  I already know that my item #5 on the UFO challenge is going to fall into that category -- an unexpected gift to someone.

Well, you know, this little chat has been lovely.  But I've got a baby quilt up on the wall that I've been having a good time with this evening, and I do believe if I go back downstairs now I can get a little more done and possibly have it ready to show to you before the long weekend is out.


Nancy said…
There might be a couple you don't recognize because at one of the quilt stores I went to sold me Jane Austin prints and told me they were CW I didn't know the difference until I put them into my CW blocks and someone in class told me... would think a quilt shop wouldn't steer you in the wrong direction...maybe that's why she is closed now..