2013 Hello

I guess I wasn't ready to embrace a new year until I had to. Which means today, since it is the last day of my two-week winter break from work. The school always closes for two weeks at winter break; most years, about half of the time is before Christmas and we return on January 2 or 3. Because of the Tuesday holiday this year, we worked until the Friday before Christmas and go back tomorrow. I've enjoyed the time off, though I was a slug for most of the time that we were home. We traveled for nearly a week, visiting our sons and their families in Virginia.

Miles Thomas was born to Andrew and Amy ten days before Christmas and it was just such a joy to hold and snuggle with someone so new. He's a nice baby, more even-tempered (so far) than his brother had been.

I worked on the granny squares; there are twenty of them finished and they are trimmed to size. Three of them may need to be redone as the trimming invaded what would be the seam allowance. I've set them aside to ponder. My present hand-sewing project is the Dresden plates.

The photo is one from our Christmas card, celebrating my quilting's taking on a more modern look and Joe's taking up serious woodworking -- he made not just that Adirondack chair but three more as well as two ottomans. And You Know Who just had to be on our card.

I think I mentioned that Judy and I have resigned from our previous guild and joined Philly Modern and are finding it to be so much fun! The membership is smaller, and I feel as though I am actually already getting to know some of the people. We have a Secret Angel project going on now; I finished the gifts for my recipient yesterday and will share photos once the exchange has occurred.

So here we are in a new year. As usual, I make no resolutions but have a few hopes. I have some ideas for new sewing projects and vague plans for the UFOs.

To those who read this little blog of mine, I wish you only good, good things in this new year! And thank you for visiting . . . .


Pat said…
Joe is quite talented! That chair is beautiful. He can now add skilled woodworking to his resume, in addition to "quilt holding.

I have a feeling 2013 will be a good year for all of us - new adventures, new things to try, new grandchildren to sew for. We'll also need to think up a few new ways to get in trouble : )

Ha Ha -- my word verification for this comment is "queensi". First time I've had one that made any sense.
Linda said…
Best wishes to you in the new year as well Nancy. I enjoy reading your blog daily.
Lurking Linda
Gretchen said…
Wishing you the best in this new year! Love your Christmas card photo and so happy that you got time to spend with the little one over the holidays. Joe's chair is unbelieveable. Such talent at your household!!
Lori said…
I love that you have showcased your talents on your Christmas cards!!

May 2013 be filled with health and happiness.
Anonymous said…
I too, think it is very clever and special that the Christmas card has not only the dog, but the quilts and woodworking. I am going to "file" that in my to do memory.
Janet O. said…
Glad all went well with the arrival of Miles Thomas.
To redo or not to redo--that is the question. Sometimes those things need to simmer while we decide if we need to fix them or not. : )
Nice to find a guild that is a good "fit". I don't belong to a guild--not sure I would fit anywhere.
Wishing you a new year filled with hearts full of peace and the love of family (and some quality quilting time).
Denise in PA said…
Great photo of Blackberry, the quilt AND the chair! What a great hobby for your husband to take up! Yay for PMQG! o:) I finished my gifts too thos weekend for our swap - so glad to have them done!
Barbara Anne said…
Congratulations of the arrival of little bitty Miles! I am reminded of this quotation:

"I love these little ones; and it is not a slight thing when they who are so fresh from God, love us." - Charles Dickens

Applause for Joe's excellent woodworking talent! I think I see a long Honey-Do list in his future!

When my wonky sewing or trimming strays into the seam allowance, I put a pin there to remind myself to sew a scant seam allowance just where the pin is. So far, so good!

Wishing you and your family only good things, too!