I wonder if I've turned into a Multiple Personality Quilter.

To the right is what is becoming my Leader-Ender project. Wanda had shown a project from African fabrics a few weeks ago, and I wrote to ask if she wanted to get right of her scraps -- I'd like to buy them. She sent a bulging parcel and when I showed them to the Usual Suspects on Saturday, I thought they might stage a hold up right then and there!

I serve on the SWAT Team at my church -- we have committed to raising $25,000 over three years as part of the campaign to provide mosquito nets for two villages in Uganda, part of a much larger effort to eradicate malaria worldwide. I offered to make a relevant quilt to raffle.I have only begun cutting, but my project is going to be similar to this one of Linda's, using black where she shows tangerine.

Over the weekend, after a long delay, I got around to attempting to make an infinity scarf. There are six of them now, these two finished, and the other four waiting for me to do the handwork.

My coworker Gabrielle wears these things all the time -- I swear she makes one each morning when she gets dressed! They are as easy as she said they would be, and there are many different free patterns for them; just Google "infinity scarf." Many are made from voile and, I tell you, as soon as I can get some of that, production will continue!

Upstairs in the living room, where I watch Netflix with Himself, is my current handwork (apart from finishing up the infinity scarves), hand applique of the plates, the centers, and the accents. I am surprised at how much I enjoy this particular work.

So, apparently I've developed MQP. And I haven't even shown you the center I made from CW fabrics as a part of Lori's current quiltalong, Abundance! This is my second quiltalong with her. If you have been thinking of participating in one, have a look. She breaks the project down into sensible units and provides clear directions and warm encouragement! I started doing Lori's quiltalongs because I wanted to explore small-size quilts.


sophie said…
I often refer to myself as an omnivore quilter, but your term is so much better :-)
Janet O. said…
I think it sounds nicer to say you are a very diverse quilter. : )
Pat said…
Oh honey, you are just spreading your wings!!
Eclectic might be another way to describe yourself. And creative... Can't wait to see what you do with the African fabric!
LizA. said…
Love that polka dot background with the dresdens.
I'm glad the package got there safely. That looks like a good style quilt to show off the African fabrics and fairly quick to make.
Bobbi said…
I'm so excited to see what you will do NEXT! It's a great adventure.
Barbara Anne said…
I remember in nursing school when on the Psych rotation learning about a disorder called "Flight of Ideas". The afflicted patient flits from one topic to the next in conversation with the subjects very tenuously connected. That's me and my quilting projects. Many on the go, many UFOs, but always new ideas to try!

Love your projects and wish you well on each one!

Thanks for linking to Wanda, Linda, and Lori's blogs as they were a joy to visit.

Stay cozy!

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