The Quilts of Christmas 2012: Two

Once I had decided that I was going to make a queen quilt for Sherry and Chris for Christmas, it seemed only right to keep going!

Tom and Anastasia have a queen quilt that I made when they married. Their bedroom is on the dark side of the house, and the black background of that quilt adds to the darkness. I wanted something lighter.

Their furniture is blue. I had some blocks from a wonderfully successful swap I had run a couple of years ago: cool color batiks on white background. I only had to make two or three more blocks to have enough for a queen quilt. 

I gave this to them during our Christmas visit (more about which later), along with a set of white flannel sheets. They were pleased.


Barbara Anne said…
What a lovely and cheery star quilt this turned out to be! The Evening Star block is my favorite quilt block and these with smaller varied blocks as their center squares are wonderful!

Applause, applause!

I know just what you mean about treating the kids fairly even after they're grown ups. That's why I made two Shade Cascade quilts for our boys. The quilts are identical in pattern and similar in layout, but have some fabrics that are different.

I look forward to seeing Christmas gift quilt #3!

Janet O. said…
My guess is that "they were pleased" is an understatement. I'd be over the moon with this quilt. Love those cool batiks!
howdidIgethere said…
Was this one you had at White Oak last fall?

Lovely, fresh, and crisp!

It's surely a stunner!

LizA. said…
I agree, fresh and crisp. I don't think I've met a star quilt I didn't like......