The Quilts of Christmas 2012: Four/Five

This quilt has been shown on this blog previously; it is the first thing I made after entering my Kaffe Period. I was delighted with the way it turned out and when I showed it to Sherry, I said I thought it looked like something a little girl would like. I can't stand the thought of Disney Princesses on a quilt and wondered if Caroline, age 4.5, would like this quilt for her bed. Sherry was confident that she would.

And we were both right.

Caroline is devoted to her stuffed dog toy, Woofie, and likes to dress the dog in clothing that matches hers. So I knew what I had to do.

Generous Woofie (center) shares with two friends.


a very nice collection of gifts and looks like all were happily received too
Janet O. said…
"I can't stand the thought of Disney Princesses on a quilt"--*LOL*
Loved that line, Nancy!
This is a great quilt for a girl--and her best friend. Such a nice touch to include a quilt for Woofie
Pat said…
I don't know, Nancy, Turbo is going to be second chair from now on! Such a gorgeous group of quilts you have created, and with such thoughtfulness and love.

I'm laughing about the Princess comment too. Not only do I cringe at the long-term princess role model, most of that "licensed" fabric is just not good quality -- cheesy colors and very low thread count. Kaffe is so much better!
Barbara Anne said…
How utterly adorable, big quilt, little quilt, and happy Caroline!! You know Caroline's delight was multiplied because you made Woofie a matching quilt. Isn't that completely wonderful?!

I agree, these Kaffe fabrics are far better in every way than any Disney anything.

Applause, applause!

The quilts look amazing. Love that you made a matching one for Woofie.
LizA. said…
I still love this quilt. What a lucky dog Woofie is.
Nancy I am unable to figure out why the title of your post says 2023... Is that a typo or a reference to a post that I missed ?~!

Happy weekend, we're getting much-needed rain tonight for which I am grateful.
Jindi's Cottage said…
Well I've just had an enjoyable time at your Christmas 2012 quilt show...all the quilts are fabulous and I love that there is a mini one for Woofie...lucky family members...
Gorgeous little girl quilt and gorgeous little girl too!