SSCS 2012

I have lost track of how many years Chooky Blue has been running the international Secret Santa Christmas Swap, but I know that I have participated each and every year. It is fun to be assigned a quilting blogger in another country and to "stalk" her for a few months, learning her tastes and her interests, and then making a gift (or two) for her and sending it off in time to arrive for Christmas morning.

We are under very strict instructions to not open our gifts until Christmas. Some years I do better than others at following those instructions!

This year I received a generous and lovely parcel from Lisa in Australia. 

In addition to the items pictured above and to the right (is that little birdie notebook adorable or what?), Lisa sent me a small red birdie ornament for the tree, which I forgot to photograph.

Thank you, Lisa, for your lovely gifts, and Chooky, for organizing this most wonderful swap!


Nemo said…
I too have participated in the SSCS since it begun - and am enjoying it every year. I think you were the first I sent to, ifI'm not completely mistaking. It's fun to get to know new quilters and learn about new blogs. Love your parcel this year, the table runner is adorsble. :-) Fingers crossed there will be one in 2013 too! I know I'm joining again if it is.
Janet O. said…
Fun idea. Looks like you got a lovely package, Nancy.
Barbara Anne said…
What a great idea this swap is and how special to make or choose items for a new friend somewhere in the world. Lisa certainly outdid herself in making the cute table runner and choosing the other lovely gifts for you.

Thanks for sharing this idea. I've been a quilter for 20 years and have never heard of this swap.

So pleased you liked your parcel...nice now to be able to comment and not just visit secretly! lol!
this is the 6th Swap SSCS........can you believe that.....lovely gifts from Lisa..........thanks for joining in once again........