Granny Ganoush?

I survived a difficult week and was so happy to see Saturday come. The Usual Suspects gathered to sew down at the church. It felt like a long time since we had done that, although many of them had been together a couple of weeks ago when I was unavailable.

Each brought her own project to work on. I had put the finished granny squares up on the wall the night before along with the lattice and cornerstones, and pinned them together in rows with labels on them, so the assembly went pretty smoothly. I did most of it yesterday and finished today.

Here it is with a sample of the Baba Ganoush that I plan for the border. I only have a half yard and need to order some more before I can finish.
This quilt is really too small to be of much use, and I'm not all that crazy about it. The gray background isn't showing up very well, but trust me: it is gray and not mauve. Three of the prints have turquoise in them and I thought a turquoise border might improve its appearance and also give it more potential for use.

Joe is of the opinion that the turquoise isn't right, but he doesn't have a better suggestion.

I think my problem with this little quilt is that it has too much color in it. I believe I'd like it better if it had about half again as much gray as it does now.
Here's another view of the granny squares. After I took the photo that is above, I decided that I wanted a narrow pink border before the Baba Ganoush.

I love making these blocks. I don't love trimming them and latticing them, though. I use the method that I originally learned for them, cutting squares all the same size and then after assembly, trimming those outer zig-zag edges. This method wastes fabric. But worse, unless one is careful to the point of perhaps OCD with the assembly, the trimming yields little V's here and there, some of which protrude into the seam allowance.

I know I'll make more granny square quilts. But  next time I am going to just cut the squares for the center and two surrounding rows, lay them out on point, and cut side triangles to fit. This will yield a nicer result and be better for my nerves.

I like that pink inner border.


QuiltingFitzy said…
Oh-so-pretty! Love the pink sashing!
Barbara Anne said…
Applause on the amazing progress you made this weekend on piecing your Granny Squares quilt!! I like the pink border, too, and think the Baba Ganoush fabric is perfect for the outer border.

Methinks the pink quilt needs a narrow black border to tame the joy-joy pinks a bit. Could you use your design wall to audition black? Perhaps a pink checkerboard border after the black and a black/pink fabric as the outer border. The turquoise doesn't float my boat but then you don't need to float my boat at all!! Have fun imagining!

Stay cozy!

LizA. said…
There is a tutorial for granny squares that uses rectangles for the background in the last round.

I've also had the same problem with the little V's. I also have to agree with Joe on the aqua in the other quilt. But, if you say the background is gray, then I don't know what to suggest wisince the colors are so off in the picture.
Janet O. said…
I am loving the Granny Squares.
Don't know what to tell you on the aqua border of the other quilt. I can't see the other fabrics close enough to see the aqua in them, So that color as a border just doesn't fit, to me. But I also do not know what to tell you to try. Big help, huh?
Vivian said…
Maybe the little quilt (which reads pinks on my screen) just needs a border fabric that will bring all the colors together.

I don't know if you like Kaffe Fassett fabrics but he's always good for having beautiful fabrics that combine a lot of odd colors together. Check your LQS if they carry them or his website ( and I'll bet he has one that will pull what you have into focus.
AnnieO said…
I'm with you, I don't like the fabric waste method for some of the Granny Square tutorials!

Hope you find a good solution to your border problems. Me, I try to remember that the quilting portion of the quilt process changes the look of the fabrics anyway, so it might not be too bright after all.