Pot Holder Prizes

In order to keep health care costs down, our school formed a wellness committee; this was mandated by the consortium we belong to. An interesting initiative was proposed by the consortium for "the holiday season": A Maintain, Don't Gain Plan. According to this plan, anyone who wanted to participate registered his or her starting weight in mid-November with the consortium coordinator and then this week to register the ending weight. Every participant throughout the consortium is entered in a drawing. Participants who maintained or gained only a tiny amount would have a second entry. The grand prize is a laptop computer and there are additional prizes of Kindle Fires. Our school decided to add some more prizes for our own participants. The "big prize" will be a Barnes and Noble gift card. I made two pair of pot holders as additional prizes. They could also be used as rug mugs.  Here is a picture of one set.

And here is the other.

How happy I'd be to win that laptop! Mine has turned into something that I'm convinced Bill and Karolyn Slowsky would be thrilled to own. Me, not so much.


Barbara Anne said…
Love the pot holder/mug rug with their jazzy, fun fabrics and wonderful colors.

Fingers crossed you win the laptop (but having fingers crossed does make typing difficult!).

Am trying to find where my sewing uumph went. If you see it, please return it. Thank you!

Janet O. said…
Pot holders (or mug rugs) that would make you smile every time your reached for one!
Here's hoping the laptop will be yours!!!
Pat said…
LOVE THEM! You have mastered the fine art of humorous fussy cutting.