Introducing: chlost

Blogs get added and subtracted from my lists of links fairly regularly. As someone pretty much stops blogging or as my taste in blogs changes, I delete. I keep a group of Favorites on the computer toolbar; these are blogs that have struck my fancy and I check them out from time to time. Sometimes I decide that I really must know as soon as this blogger updates, and in that case the blog moves to my blog's links lists.

All of this happens pretty much without fanfare.

Until now.

Just My Life joined the Thinkers and Theologians category today. I found her a few months ago through another blog, one that has rotated off of my links lists by now. And I just kept going back until I decided that it was time to link her. With fanfare.

She's not a quilter (so far as I know) and she isn't a foodie (again SFAIK), but she's definitely a thinker. And a writer. I like how she thinks. And I like what she writes. Maybe you will, too.


pcflamingo said…
Her link to the twins project was uncanny. Looking at just small things - eyebrows, lips - how did the guy find these people?

Did I link to Murrmurrs' blog through you? The retired postal carrier in Oregon who now has her first book out - "Trousering Your Weasel"? Love her and her blog. One of the few other non-quilty blogs I follow is The Blogess (might be another "g" in there - can't remember). She's certifiable, but in a good way.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Fascinating blog material, thanks for the link. I, too, wonder how one would go about finding... and documenting... doubles.
chlost said…
Thank you so much for including me on your blog list. I had no idea that you had done so, and feel quite honored. I look forward to getting to know you and your readers through your blog.
antique quilter said…
thanks for sharing I too am always looking for new blogs to read. thanks for sharing