The Aunts: Moving Right Along

Clicking twice (or even once) will enlarge the photo if you want to see the fabrics.
When I'd finished hand-piecing the Steam Punk blocks, I resumed the blanket stitching on The Aunts.

These three are finished! There are three more of this size and then there are ten that are HSTs and, finally, four that are QSTs.

When I began this quilt, I expected that in late April and early May Joe and I would be in Holland and France, and I thought that I would take two of these and a couple of skeins of DMC 581 along.

Alas, Covid-19 intervened. They have become my handwork-in-the-evening project. It takes about a week to do one this size.

Speculating: Which will be done first -- the period of self-isolation or the blanket-stitching of The Aunts?


Anonymous said…
My prediction is the blanket stitching will be finished first. I think this will be a L-O-N-G haul with this virus.
Barbara Anne said…
What charming applique blocks and your work is lovely!

You're fortunate your hands don't require you to stop handwork for a while as you've done so much in the last several weeks.

Sorry about the canceled trip.

Janet O. said…
These are happy blocks to stitch during this uncertain time. Liking this very much.
Quiltdivajulie said…
Guessing the blanket stitching - even though some of the formal restrictions are beginning to ease here (not sure why as the case count and death toll continue to rise), DH and I have no interest in gadding about other than surgical strikes for supplies. Honestly, I'm not minding it terribly, but then I'm a homebody at heart. LOVE the stitching on the Aunts - enjoy!