Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Irony Was Not Lost

The hospital waiting room as well as the bedside chair are excellent places for hand-stitching binding down. This quilt, Hot Summer Hearts, is Jill's graduation gift. You may recall that the blocks are the yield from a swap of the same name. This was the first time I tried piano keys. It is a busy quilt, to be sure, but I believe Jill will be pleased with it. Her graduation is June 11 and we will take it to the party that follows later that evening.

I finished this binding yesterday in Joe's hospital room. The irony of finishing a quilt full of hearts (and Branky even quilted meandering hearts all over it) in a cardiac care room was not lost on me.

The Leader-Ender Jewel Box was finished in the waiting room of the cardiac cath lab. A delightful family sharing the corner I was in were telling hospital stories that all had happy outcomes as a way of distracting the wife of the patient. I so enjoyed listening to them. They didn't draw me into their conversation, though they must have known I listened to every word. When I finished and cut the last thread and stood up to fold it, the chief support person said, "Turn it around! Let us see!" They approved.

This is the quilt that I really think made itself, a leader-ender project. It is a graduation gift for Sarah whose commencement is the day following Jill's. There were plenty of squares left over, and a sister quilt to this one is now making itself in my sewing studio -- three blocks already painlessly completed!

Ta da! We have a winner!

lj_cox said...
"It looks to me like water in a tiled or stone fountain; beautiful aqua water and chocolate colored tiles or stone. So how about "Like Water for Chocolate", or simply 'Brownstone Fountain'. "

LJ_Cox, come out, come out wherever you are! Like Water for Chocolate is the name of this quilt and you are the winner of the green and violet FQs. Send me your mailing information (and also your blog address so I can get to know you) and they will be ITM within days!

I brought Joe home this afternoon about 2:30. He took a two-hour nap, ate a good dinner (low fat, no added salt) and is resting again. Our next task is to head on out to the pharmacy with his list of scripts.

My gratitude once again to all who have written, commented, or phoned. I have felt supported by so many as we have gone through this ordeal.


Karen Dianne Lee said...

Welcome home. Nancy, the backstory to Jill's quilt is significant. I hope that's saved and shared for posterity. (that's not to leave Sarah out - just mentioning.)

LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE was a favorite. I love it. I hope she writes back soon!

Lindah said...

So glad to hear of the good progress. Being home and eating a good, home-cooked meal is therapy in itself! God bless you both.

lj_cox said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so glad you and your husband are doing better, and (whee!)that you chose my name choice for your beautiful quilt.

I've emailed you my contact info, and my much neglected blog can be found at:

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

When the going gets tough, she quilts...! The finished products are lovely, so glad you had such a distraction such as these to fill those otherwise anxious moments. Welcome home to both you and Joe, I know Bo's relieved to have everyone back home where they belong! Take good care, prayers surround and support you.

Ancestor Collector said...

So glad to hear your Honey is home and you are getting back to life Near Philadelphia. Many wishes and prayers for a speedy healing for him and for an easy adjustment for you both.

And I must, of course, mention how beautiful your quilts are. Hot Summer Hearts will stay in YOUR heart for a long time, I'm sure!