Comcast Again -- All Too Soon

Do I need this right now?

Since I started trying three hours ago, I've not been able to access my email at Sometimes I'll get a fluttery inbox for a second. Sometimes not. Mostly I get a message that the web page can't be accessed and to contact my provider. This was on Internet Explorer.

I tried Firefox with more interesting results. After logging into Comcast, I was greeted by a message: Hello Arlene A Conte!

Never heard of her. Good thing the email wasn't accessible on Firefox either, I guess. I'm not eager to learn what's going on in Arlene's world. But it did get me to wondering who was getting my greeting when he or she logs on.

This is happening a little more than two months since my last go-round with Comcast. Too darned soon, IMNSHO.

I went back to my earlier blog post when the last problem started and found the Comment by Mark C from Comcast Cares. He'd thoughtfully provided his phone number. Since I'm feeling somewhat fragile and vulnerable right now from the events of the weekend, I decided to give caring Mark a ring and have a bit of a chat about what's going on and when I might be able to get my email.

Unfortunately, he was unavailable.

Arlene, if you're reading this, rest assured, I won't read your email if it shows up. I've got enough going on.


swooze said…
Sorry about your Comcast woes.

I tried posting the past few days and blogger wouldn't let me see the secret password to post with so here goes again.

I am sorry for all the troubles you are going through. I am glad that the outcome seems to be very good and that dh is home and resting. Take care of yourself and add me to the list of people that you can lean on. You can even call me at 3 a.m.! Hugs Nancy!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Dear Arlene, How have you been ? You haven't answered my e-mails, should I take it personally?

Hope all is well on the home front and some rest is being had, you need it. Love ya to pieces...
Nanette Merrill said…
Arlene, I mean Nancy funniest post ever. I am not a comcast fan and glad we don't have them. My sympathies. But seriously you made it hilarious.
lj_cox said…
Phooey! I'm sorry to hear you're having Comcast woes. Please let me know if I need to find another way to get you my contact info.
Karen said…
Nancy, just want you to know you and Joe are in my prayers for healing and peace.

Sorry about the Comcast problems.

Juliann in WA said…
No, no, say it ain't so! How do you keep your sense of humor?
Unknown said…
just another thing to have to think about - as if you haven't enough - boo hiss to comcast!