This week-long silence is finally broken. It hasn't been for lack of desire that I've not blogged. Rather, it has been for lack of time.

The hiring season at school has been prolonged and isn't over yet. There are many details connected with each candidate visit, and there have been -- IMNSHO -- far too many candidates! I've been putting in very long days. Also been heavily involved with two committees -- one at school and one at church, one amazingly rewarding and one amazingly frustrating -- and this has taken time. One has reached the final stages of the final report, the other is at peak production. Time, time, TIME!

Today I ran into the science teacher and we struck up a conversation about who would spend the summer in our office. She invited me over to interview the guys pictured above, and I was immediately smitten. They are Chinese fire belly toads and she has 14 of them. We won't get all fourteen; the wealth must be shared. But watching them leaping happily over each other, attempting to climb the glass of the aquarium, hopping into the water area, was an absolute delight! Another reason to look forward to the close of school!


*karendianne. said…
I've been missing you! Good to see you on this Friday morning.

Fire in the Belly of Love, *karendianne.
Tanya said…
You are a dear! I love seeing your homestay visitors each year and these jolly fellows will brighten the corner and your face!