Crystal Meth

Well, for a sick day, it has turned out to be a productivity day. Joe says that I don't cough as much when I'm sewing, and I believe he's right. I wonder why that is?

Outside the window where the birdhouses are fastened under the elevated deck, six of 'em, various sparrows have been going in and out of various bird holes, carrying various things. It's that time of year! I took a handful of dryer fuzz and spread it on a craggy stone, thinking they might find it attractive. Also put out some thread mats. We'll see.

Anyway, as I've been sewing the What Was I Thinking? rows together, I've replaced them on the floor with the Leader-Ender Jewel Box blocks. Will be putting them together next. No border for this projct. It's been fun to see this quilt "make itself."

But there are plenty more leader-ender components, and plenty more of that particular scrappy fabric. I put a group of components up on the wall and started moving them around to see if there was something different from Jewel Box to do with them. And -- viola! I came up with this arrangement (Jewel Box on top for comparison)! Am thinking that I could make these blocks out of the leader-enders and they'd form the secondary pinwheels where they joined.
Oops! Just noticed an inverted component in the bottom row. Must fix that before stitching. I don't know that I've ever seen this block before. I'm going to call it Crystal Meth in honor of my missing drug-of-choice. So now I am producing Crystal Meth in my studio.

Please don't tell the feds!


Tanya said…
Hope you are feeling better soon. Your jewel box quilt is a jewel. I must remember this one. I have that whole box of leaders/enders and don't really know why I keep making them!
*karendianne. said…
Let me know if you need anything else, when its done and when I can pick it up.

A Drug Lord with Love, *karendianne.

(ps: very clever this turned out to be!)
Teresa said…
I am in there with you and this lousy cold. I went to the doctor on Thursday and she said nothing for it - so I have been doing the home remedies and across the counter drugs and getting some sewing time in. I tell my family that I am contagious (per the doctor) so they have been staying out of the sewing room - except my hubby, we share a sewing/genealogy room and now he is sick too.

I like your quilt and read through earlier blogs to find out about the crystal meth, lol. You had me a little concerned when I read it was your drug of choice.

Hope you are feeling lots better.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Looks like your drug of choice is needle and thread. Your secret's safe with me.