Home Sweet Home

He's been home for two day and two nights now. Bodacious has quit with the reproachful look, though he still is in the bed each night. Just to be sure, I suppose.

Joe's tired and takes a nap or two each day. His appetite is adequate and he helps with light-weight tasks. Was able to adopt a supervisory role last night when two "Burly Lutherans On Call" came to install the window airconditioners.

He went to his office for a couple of hours today. We're not having any trouble with the dietary modifications, though we both know it is very early in that process. Both evenings we went for a short walk. He has his pill bottles lined up and is studying the info sheets on the various drugs. We are having negotiations about stress.

The worst of our ordeal appears to be over. The weekend looks promising: Saturday night our oldest friends are coming over to visit. Sherry and her family will be coming on Sunday and bringing chicken to grill.

I've decided what to do with my William Morris fabrics and hope to start that on Saturday.

The "new normal" is kicking in.

Thanks be to God.


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Bless your new normal and the Burly Lutherans On Call. Life is Good!
Jeanne said…
Nancy, I'm happy things are settling down for you and DH. Enjoy your week-end!
*karendianne. said…
Its wonderful to know you're home. As it should be. And to have your closest friends over - gosh that just feels really REALLY good.

Healthy Love, *karendianne.
Juliann in WA said…
What a wonderful post to read. It will be a journey but it seems you might be good traveling companions.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad thing are starting to get back to "normal" again, it sound like he is doing so much better. Have a great weekend together!
Unknown said…
Amen! Enjoy your company this weekend
Nicole said…
Ah, that is good news. Have a stress free and relaxing weekend.
I'm glad he's home and doing well. The dietary "restictions" are basically sensible nutrition: low fat, low salt, portion control. Just like any change, ya take it one day at a time. Exercise is a good way to reduce stress as long as ya don't go overboard. A little aerobics, walking and good breathing. There ya go. It's boring as hell, but it feels good when it's over. A young friend of mine had by-pass surgery last winter and he said he is only going to do things that he wants to do from now on.I think that's good advice.