Stay Tuned for Triple Give Away!

Well, I downloaded a terrific picture of a numeral 3. It was really very nice. It even had a dragonfly on it. I was planning to load it for this post. But I clicked on the wrong picture. And decided, "What the heck. Leave it there." Making it very, very clear that this is a photo I downloaded from the internet. Neither of my grandchildren was humiliated in the making of this photograph.

Anyway. Now that I'm reclaiming my life after The Report, I notice that I missed not only my 400th post (this is 451) but also my second blogiversary (May 2).

In the next day or so, I'm going to make it all up. I promise. I will post a triple give-away. One for my 400th post. One for my second blogiversary. And one for "Name That Quilt!" Thassright. She who does not generally name her quilts has made one that really needs a name. It reached final flimsy stage last night but I was too tired to set up a photo op. So that will happen either tonight or tomorrow. I'm pretty smitten with this top and feel like it needs a name. I'll let one of y'all pick the name.

Have a new philosophy on my UFOs and WISPs and PIGs. Am going to consider "final flimsy stage" as done. If I get every completed top quilted and bound, the pile would be unmanageable. (It already is.) So henceforth, I will complete flimsies, and keep them in a less humongous pile, and when I learn of a need for a quilt, I will choose from among the flimsies and have one quilted and bind it.

But back to the give-away. One give-away will be a nice stack of FQs, all green and purple. Another give-away will be a couple of patterns that I bought and now know I never really will use. And the third give-away? Well, that remains to be seen!

Stay tuned for all of the details and the picture of the newest flimsy.


Nanette Merrill said…
I am laughing so hard at the random picture. And the fact that you left it. I love it. So incredibly funny. Its a great "what the heck" attitude!
floribunda said…
I was SO hoping that it was a picture of your new grandaughter...

Love your new attitude about flimsies -- I feel the same way. I keep mine hanging from the extra-wide/sturdy hangers that you get drapes back from the cleaners on, and pull them out to look at every once in a while!
Tanya said…
Looking forward to your giveaways! May I be so fortunate as to be chosen again!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Can't wait to participate. I know all about the flimsy pile... they can build up and become daunting.
Don't bother drawing a name for those purple and green fabbies...just send them on over to NJ to me :)