Disjointed Thoughts (All Good Ones) From a Tired Blogger

Our lives will soon be whatever the new normal is. There is much to be thankful for.

This morning's heart catheterization and stent insertion went very smoothly. Joe's heart has not yet begun to heal from the trauma of Friday night/Saturday morning, but Dr. Cohen is not worried. An echocardiogram in a few weeks should show some progress, he says. We also do not yet know the extent of the damage.

Discharge is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

He serves on a Synod committee and today the Bishop phoned because she'd heard he was ill. She wondered what was going on. I explained the whole story to her and she asked if it would be okay to visit him tonight. She wanted to know if she could put him on the Synod-wide prayer list. I told her he was so well-prayed already -- from near and far the prayers have come!

We've begun planning for After. I got a new cookbook and am looking at another one. We have tickets for Sunday to go with dear friends to see "Our Town," and though the doctor says there is no prohibition to such an outing, I do not believe I can face that graveyard scene, and so the tickets will be going to another couple.

I believe he is beginning to comprehend the seriousness of what happened to him, to us; this is challenging because he looks and feels so well. Painfree except for the groin incision, it would be easy to minimize the entire experience. But he has begun to look at some of the stressors in his life and has already planned a resignation from one of the major ones.

Bodacious has no idea why Joe isn't here. He gives me looks that are puzzled, mournful, and mildly accusatory as though I know more than I'm telling him. He follows me around when I'm home and has taken to sleeping in the bed every night, a behavior usually reserved for only the coldest times.

People have been so solicitous, with offers of all kinds. Meals have been provided, flowers have come, phone messages, and more emails than I can possibly respond to, though I have read every one and am printing them all out for his perusal.

We've gotten through a tremendous crisis in our lives, and now are ready to face the next steps. It is Joe's illness, but it has happened to both of us. The bishop understood this; she prayed and marked his forehead with healing oil. And then she marked mine, too.



Unknown said…
Wise woman - so often people are so busy making sure that the patient's needs are being addressed that they forget those standing right behind him. Glad the surgery went well - good luck to you both for the start of the rest of your lives (((hugs)))
Karrin Hurd said…
So glad the procedure went well and he is coming home. Will continue to keep you both in my prayers. Big hugs,
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Good news! Thanks be to God. Take good care today... sending healing hugs.
CONNIE W said…
I can understand what you are going through, having had somewhat similar experiences in the past.
Unknown said…
Good news in the kingdom. his spirit has filled you with amazing strength. take care of yourself.
Susan said…
Good news, thanks for sharing it! Planning to get yourself checked out soon?
Nanette Merrill said…
Its always nice to feel loved when something happens like this. Its good people have been taking care of you.
Susan said…
I pray for sunny and joyful days ahead for you both. I am grateful for such skillful physicians in our locale. Nancy, I must commend you for your intuitive and honorable response to the emergent situation. I will keep praying for you both along with your clan.
*karendianne. said…
I'm glad to hear you're keeping "Our Town" at home. Being in the hospital requires some recovery time.

And the Bishop was so comforting.

Essential Oil Love, *karendianne.
JudyJudyJudy said…
Oh Nancy, what an amazingly difficult time. . Thank God the surgery went well, thank God you gave him the aspirin, thank God you have access to excellent doctors, thank God you are such a good cook, thank God your Bishop is wise enough to know that you both need healing and prayers. . . Please keep blogging when it's convenient for you.

Love & prayers to you & Joe, for sure, continue.
Judy near Chicago