Outta Commission

My long days and short nights and push-push-push have caught up with me. Wednesday's scratchy froat turned into Wednesday's congestion night (where I actually waked myself snoring!) and by mid-day Thursday, I'd begun snarfing and coughing.

Stopped at the pharmacy to buy cold medicine. That was a bit of an adventure. Turns out my standard, long-time cold med, Tylenol Cold, isn't available. Seems it contains ingredients to make "crystal meth." Heavens alive, what will they think of next? I don't have a recipe for crystal meth so I don't know what the other ingredients would be. Then I got to thinking about what I would do with it if I did have the recipe and the appropriate culinary or chemical contraptions for production. I don't think I could sell it on Ebay or give it to my friends as gifts, most of whom would prefer yardage or FQs. So I bought something else and a package of Actifed, which Joe swears by, and came home and dosed myself.

By bedtime, the nose was runny, runny, runny, and it waked me during the night for attention more than once. In the morning, I drove over to school to pick up a couple of projects to do from home and pronounced myself outta commission. A lovely morning nap under the quilt Turbo made for me took the edge off (though some credit must be given to the non crystal meth, I suppose) and now I'm downstairs sewing rows of What Was I Thinking? together. It is incredible that this quilt is nearly finished!

Uh-oh. Sniff. Time to pass da tissues.

Keep your distance love,

n, np


*karendianne. said…
I'm keeping my distance for sure! You know, if you wore a short little nifty number to the pharmacy they might have turned over the Good Stuff. I swear TC kills everything - even SARS! ;P

Over the Counter for Love, *karendianne.
LoieJ said…
You must have caught it from me. Take heart, it will lighten up in a few days. I had the same experience with the cold meds. Overwhelming. And so many of them have Tylenol in them. No wonder people overdose on Tylenol.