Back to Normal -- Well, Nearly

I spent the better part of four days being sick with a head-and-chest cold. Uncharacteristically, I lay low! I slept a lot. I stayed in. I took non-crystal-meth drugs. I drank orange juice. And I got well. Or pretty close to well.

The other thing that helped was: I sewed. For a couple of weeks, I was putting in extra hours at work and was sewing-diminished at home. So, being sickish, I got to sew to my heart's content when I wasn't sleeping. And, I tell you, I was doing one or the other just about all of the time.

Hot Summer Hearts is heading out to the long-armer today. Leader-Ender Jewel Box will be all finished in the next couple of days and out to the long-armer by Friday. Crystal Meth was a short-lived notion; on further inspection, the block I invented is pretty ugly. So the leader-enders that are left will get put on hold in a box for a while until they are new again. Meanwhile, I made a Split 9-Patch for Peggy's monthly block and got so enthused about it that I'm hoping to cut some lights and whites and start a new leader-ender of this block for a baby quilt. Thirty-six 6" blocks should go together pretty quickly. The 16-patches and pinwheels that Turbo gave me are up on the wall, but I think they are going to come down for a while to make space for something as yet undetermined..

Best of all: I'm putting the borders on What Was I Thinking? And second best of all: Sunday Best, the little appliqued dress wall hanging for Caroline, is in the hand-quilting stage!

My soul is purring like a Bernina. Almost worth having been sick.


Tanya said…
Hey it sounds like you actually got a lot done! That's my kind of sick! Hope your are back in the pink soon and that it doesn't affect your quilting output
*karendianne. said…
Ugly? Don't go and say UGLY and then not share! I want to see UGLY. I share UGLY. Oh what am I going to do with yoU!!!!

You really are a teaser. Where's my taser?

Zapping you back to normal Love, *karendianne.
Nanette Merrill said…
I found your blog through the owl sent you from Australia. Its funny how blogs link and link and link and then you find someone with something similar. I'm a quilter from Utah but I grew up in Reading. And you live in Glenside. Is that the Glenside just outside of Reading? Sometimes its a small world.