Quiet Day

Himself is doing okay. Has broken out into a pink, itchy rash -- not hives, exactly, but something like old-fashioned prickly heat. Phoned the doctor who suggested Benadryl and to stop two of his meds until Monday. So that's the plan.

Ran a couple of errands together, took him to get a haircut, and now preparing a nice, low-fat, low-sodium dinner for our old friends Bob and Sherry. Bob and Joe met on the train en route to Navy boot camp in October of 1967. There is not a whole lot that the four of us have not laughed about these 41 years. They are precisely what we need tonight.

The picture? Has nothing to do with today. It is from Paros, where we sat on a cafe terrace, sipping wine, and watching the sun go down. A very happy and relaxed time. Looking forward to the next one.


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
And that next time will come before you know it. Right now is just a little speed bump along the way...