Tying Up Loose Ends

I've been in a period of productivity lately. So many loose ends are tied up and others very close; it is such a good feeling!

First, rather amazingly, What Was I Thinking? is ready to go to the quilter! I got the last border strip on last night. If it isn't raining tomorrow, I'll get a photo of the completed top to post before sending it out to Kat. I really had not imagined that this would ever happen! There is another project stuffed in a bag that I am contemplating retrieving. "I Must Have Been Crazy" to think I could do it. We'll see.

Hot Summer Hearts, Jill's graduation quilt, is on its way back from Branky. I'll be binding it next week.

Batik on Black Baskets is also finally ready to go out, as are the Leader-Ender Jewel Box and Austinburg Floral Stripes. The first one is for our bed (hooray!) and I'm going to choose between the other two which will be a graduation gift for Sarah.

My Miniature Booty is moving along. It has nothing to do with what My Partner's profile suggested, but somehow I have the confidence that she will like it. The date to mail international is May 21 and in-states May 31. As school life gets busier and busier as we race towards the end of the year, my goal is to have this ITM by the 21st, even though it is in-states.

Sunday Best, Caroline's wall quilt, is being hand quilted.

Our hiring is nearly done.

The committee that was making me crazy has, in part, turned over a new leaf.

Now, if I can just get to that heap on the kitchen counter . . . .


Juliann in WA said…
The thing about the kitchen counter is that if you clean it off, there will just be space to start a new pile!