Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Caviar and Truffles, Crab and Lamb

Seens the U.S. is not the only nation in need of new leadership. Go here to read about the 18-course dinner served at the G8 Summit, while the world's leaders discussed the global food crisis.

What would it have taken for just one of them to have taken a stand against such extravagance and hypocrisy?


debijeanm said...

Kind of like oil men telling us about the problems with alternative fuels, huh?

I just got back from vacation and am catching up on blogs and would like to respond to a couple of your earlier past posts here. First, re the magical negative thoughts (love that phrase). The night can be our worst enemy, huh? It doesn't matter what it is - work, money, health, family - my worst "nightmares" are at night when something wakes me and I lie there and fret. Sanity comes with morning but by then I'm exhausted so the day doesn't go so well, either. Sigh.

On something happier, I love to do those stitcheries and have several going now. The first I did with no backing and wish I had. I'm working on a quilt (the sashing is embroidered) and followed the advice to stitch through the bat. DON'T do that, or if you do, try a bonded bat. I'm using Warm & Natural and it's linting all over the place. Makes me sneeze and by the time I'm done there won't be much bat left. I'm doing the "Winter Wonderland" quilt blocks by Crabapple Hill and am happy following their advice of using another piece of muslin on the back, but am a little concerned how the quilt will go together when it's done. The Australian designers recommend using Pellon and I see one of your readers suggested same so I think I will try that next, although I have some concern that it will not "hide" the cross-overs well enough. On some of the pieces I'm doing if you can't cross over a half inch between -say- branches of a tree the piece becomes too tedious and isn't fun to work on. Hey, it's gotta be fun, huh?

Karen Dianne Lee said...

...and so we Pray!


What, they can't do tuna fish sandwiches like the rest of us? How about P&J's? Those haven't killed anyone in a while.

anne bebbington said...

selective deafness!!! sadly those crying out can't wait until dinner is finished!

ProclaimingSoftly (PSanafter-thought) said...

I always wonder about the people from "developed" countries who go to the famine areas. Do they bring their own food to eat in front of the children?

Thanks for the link. I'll probably link to this from my blog too.

Teresa said...

Hi Nancy,
I enjoy reading your blog and seems like it always gives me something to ponder over. The picture of the starving child is hard to look at when I think of all the food we waste.

I wish I had an easy answer to your concerns about the future, but at times like that, I find if I just read out loud selections from Psalms it seems to calms me and I am able to rest. ((Nancy))

As far as the stitchery, May Brit in Norway told me to use a very light weight muslin on the back and it works great. I love the way this hides the cross overs.

Diane said...


Tanya said...

Actually, I think Japan was criticized for the extravagance at that dinner, and also the gifts that were given to the leaders who were visted. The Japanese found the criticizm very hard to understand since they were just trying to be good hosts. But the Japanese are notorious for not understanding a problem and bending over backwards so that they will be praised for their hospitality so I am not at all surprised at the extravagance expended. Not that I'm defending it though...

SallyB said...

Such hypocrisy. So sad to send such a messed up message about hunger to the rest of the world. It almost smacks of "Let them eat cake!"