Trouble Resolving?

One block needs to be rotated a quarter turn. I didn't see it as I was laying them out, but once I got the camera in position, it was very plain to see. Took the picture anyway.

Okay, class, here's where we are: You can see that the boisterous Cabins continue to demand attention. I was delighted to find exactly what I want for the outer border (once that wonky block gets adjusted and the rows all put together). The middle border will be pieced shirting strips. Did not have an inner border so that went on The Shopping List.

Jewel Box is all together except for borders. They went on the Shopping List.

At Bobbie's suggestion, Dull Jacob has been rechristened "Big Jake," and already he's feeling and acting more robust. And brilliant Julie thought he might like an acid green border so that went on the Shopping List.

The list also included backing for Like Water for Chocolate and Meadowbrook Pasture, both of which are going out to Branky this week for machine quilting.

With the Shopping List having extended itself thusly and the various projects behaving relatively well, I picked up Bonnie and off we went to the shop where I got all of those things for the Shopping List. I had U-pins (was it Nicole who was singing their praises recently? And does anyone know where to get them or what the brand name is?) on the list, too, as well as a Tri-Rec ruler that somebody was talking about. Got the ruler, but not the pins. Nor did I get my #8 Perle blue.

It had been a long time since I'd been up to that shop. I get most of my fabric at Sauder's or Hancocks of Paducah these days. I could see by the stack of fabrics that I dare not look around and do any impulse purchasing, so home we came.

The coming week could be very productive in terms of finishes!


*karendianne. said…
Oh Oh Oh Yippie what a grand outing. You got the Tri-Recs! I don't know - Sauders?

Rechristening! I'm so for that you can't even imagine. Karen who has multiple names for all residents of LeeHaven. Yes, we do name changes AT WILL.

Switcho Changeo Love, *karendianne.

(ps: Cabins - pieced shirting strips. Are you trying to send me over the edge? Good thing I have my knee pads on.)
~Tanner said…
I really like the design!!!
As for the pins- I found something similar, they are less stiff than I would like but. The ones I found at Jo-Ann's were called "Tidy Pins".

Good luck!!

Tanner from
floribunda said…
I found some of those pins at a LQS -- I'm finding them a little bit hard to get used to (and I keep poking myself with them!) but I do think they're worthwhile. Can't wait to see Jake's new border!
Nicole said…
Isn't Log Cabin one of the best blocks in the world? It goes together without issue and can be arranged upteen different ways. I never ever get tired of that block. I have to say though, that I prefer the method where you pre-cut all the "logs" ahead of time, rather than just attaching long strips and trimming. What method did you use here?
Nicole said…
Oh wait. I forgot to say "Don't do it with the acid green border on Jacob!!" Leave him neutral, that is his beauty. All due respects to Julie, but I have to disagree. I just can't see adding a color at this point. Too random. Don't hate me.
graceamazes said…
Try calling this shop to see if they have your pins. I'll be going down to retrieve my machine (in for annual checkup) at the end of the week and could pick them up for you if they have them