Standing Corrected, Feeling Relieved

She doesn't leave blog comments. But she does send emails. She writes:


I am generally negligent in the area of regularly reading your blog, though I always enjoy it. But I have just come from it, and was shaken by your “Negative Magical Thinking” bit. There is one inaccuracy: Bob and I were married 41-1/2 years: June, 1959 – Jan. 2001. Don’t know whether this will help or hurt your fear, but I say “let it go.”

This is your Big Sister talking. Pay attention.

Love you,


*Dear Sister


*karendianne. said…
Wow. Simple words, profound meaning. Perfect photo. Caught me off guard with this one. Almost had an alligator tear.
Your big Sister is amazing. Very wise words.
Nicole said…
Sometimes the time just has to pass to prove to you that life does indeed go on. You are not alone with your worrying though. Do you know the writer, Sue Grafton? She writes all those mystery novels that feature a letter of the alphabet. Anyway, her parents died young, and she was certain the same fate awaited her. She started her mystery series, obsessed with the idea that as long as she wrote books, she wouldn't die----at least until she came to the letter Z!
Listen to your sister, no more torturing yourself. You have been through a lot lately, but you will prevail!
SallyB said…
What are sisters for but to be there for us when we need them? I've always had a closeness especially with my younger sister and we've talked long distance on the phone (she lives in Germany) on more than one occasion when I needed to hear the voice of my sister. I'm glad you have a sister who you can turn to when times are hard like they are now for you. That is the great thing about family, isn't it? Always, always someone there to whom to turn when you really need someone who knows you better than anyone else.