Celebrate Good Times -- Come On!

This is my 500th blog post!

Since I first began what Chez would call "this little experiment" about two years ago, I've met some of the most wonderful people. I've laughed and cried at what people have shared. I've grown as a quilter and as a reader! Blogging has enriched my life immeasurably, and I've enjoyed it more than I can say.

How else would I have ever met the Mistress of Leehaven? How else would I have had the opportunity to laugh at Ozzie's antics? How else would I have acquired a delicious pile of kimono scraps from a friend across the globe? Would I ever have actually thought, much said out loud (as I often now do), "Life Is Good!" And then there's Anne, who somehow knows the right thing to say at the right time, and my dear little friend from Oz, and so many others.

I put a counter on my blog three months into it, and as of today, it shows 56,300 visits. Unbelievable. And another device, put on more recently, indicates that visitors have come from -- are you ready for this, because I wasn't -- 77 countries!

Today I celebrate my 2+ years in bloggerville and my 500th post, I celebrate the lovely connections I've made, the support I've received during these past difficult two months, and everything else about blogging.

Tomorrow this celebration will be cemented by a giveaway, something I'd planned to do before Life Got In The Way late in May. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said…
Congratulations on post 500!!! WOW!! I agree with you about blogging. It has been a wonderful experience. :o)
Jeanne said…
Congratulations on your 500th post, Nancy! I agree with your assessment of the blogging experience. It has been totally positive for me, too.
Juliann in WA said…
Oh my gosh - I was so proud of hitting 300 posts! Five hundred is amazing - can't wait to see what 501 holds!
Nanette Merrill said…
I'll be back! Very cool for you. Congrats.
Teresa said…
Congratulations! I have enjoyed you blog and getting to know you.
LoieJ said…
People used to say something about meeting someone on the 'net. I didn't get it. But now I do. And I "met" you through two different common interests, somehow, that I don't remember, but that's why I've signed in under two different blog names.
Goodness ...500....well done I love reading your blog Nancy and yes ain't blogging grand. Congratulations look forward to the next 500.
floribunda said…
congratulations, Nancy! here's to the next 500!
Kim said…
Congratulations! I agree--blogging has enriched my life!
antique quilter said…
congrats on 500 posts, I love reading your blog, heres to 500 more!
Kathie in NJ
alobsiger said…
Congrats on your 500th post! I enjoy my visits here!!!
*karendianne. said…
Now this is truly splendiforus. I have to say you're one of my most favorite reads ever on the entire planet!

Whole Wide World of Love, *karendianne. / Living Life at LeeHaven
debijeanm said…
Congratulations! You have enriched my life with your generous sharing of yours. Thank you!
Unknown said…
Congradulations of 500. I just found you via Kim and you're almost in my back yard. My oldest GD is in Art school in Phillie. I'll be back
Unknown said…
Congratulations Nancy - and thank you for saying such a nice thing about me - I just say what comes into my heart and my head, nothing more, but I'm so glad if it's helped you even a little through the tough times (((hugs))) from across the ocean :o)
quiltmom anna said…
Happy 500th post- You are one of my favorite bloggers- I check and see what things you are up to and how you and your family are doing. It is an interesting place to visit this blogland- and while I don't have a blog, I too appreciate the wonder of the community of quilters that exist around the world. Thanks for inspiring others and sharing your quilts.
Regards from a Western Canadian Quilter,
Nancy in Norway said…
Congratulation with your 500 post. I have been a blogger for one year, but have not countet my posts. Great idea.

By the way, I rearly meet ladies with same name as mine.

Love from Nancy
Anonymous said…
Wow! 500 is an awesome number!

I am so glad you are blogging and I love visiting to read what's happening in your world.

WOW, congrats girl!!!
Hope all is settling down over there Philly way.
Peggy in NJ
Anonymous said…
wow, congrats on this milestone! I haven't even reached my firts 100 posts, lol!

Hope to read more from you in the future... so keep on blogging!!!

hugs from the Netherlands
Winda ( DQ )
Congratulations Nancy.
I have enjoyed reading your wonderful blog. May you have many more posts, and make more friends from around the globe. The blogging world is truly wonderful.