The Summer 2008 Scrap Swap

This is a picture of Nicole's scraps that she has offered to one lucky comment leaver (comments closed at this point).

After I left my comment, with the hope of being the lucky winner of Nicole's scraps, I got to thinking about the time that my on-line group swapped scraps and what fun it was. You know, the old bit about one person's trash being another's treasure? One person organized and drew the names. Then everyone packed up a shoebox of her usable scraps and sent them off to her recipient.

I received Jill's (no link available; in fact, I dunno whatever happened to Jill after she left that group) and, friends, they were splendid! I enthused over them in an email and she was bewildered, claiming they were nothing special. But they were special to me! I used them as scrappy borders on some applique blocks from a garden theme swap. And, in fact, that very quilt is a wallhanging in my darling grandson's room!

I thought about how Helen receives my wee little cut-offs each month and does amazing things with them. I thought about how Turbo beams with pleasure when I give her a little baggie of smallish scraps. And I thought about how familiar my own scrap pile is. Mostly I thought about how great Jill's scraps were.

So here's a plan. Shall we have a Summer 2008 Scrap Swap?

Yes, we shall. And here are the rules:

1. By July 16 you will send me an email saying that you want to participate. You will use this address for your email:
2. In your email you will provide me your name, mailing address, email address, and blog if you have one.
3. In your email, if you are a U.S. resident and are NOT willing to mail a package to another country, you will tell me that.
4. On July 17 or 18 I will assign you a scrap recipient.
5. When you receive the name, you will email me back that you have received it.
6. You will fill a shoebox or shoebox-size box with scraps of cotton fabric suitable for quiltmaking. You will send nothing smaller than a 2 inch square and you will try to include some nice generous-size scraps. You will not send anything that you would not wish to receive. You will include your name, email address, and blog ID with your scraps, so that your recipient can thank you properly.
7. No later than July 25 you will seal up your box very securely and send it to your recipient. You will email to tell me you have sent your box.
8. You will receive a box from someone who has your name. When you get it, you will email me at to let me know you have received it. You will email the sender to let her know that you have received it. You probably will post a picture of it on your blog.

Now, does that not sound like fun? Are you ready? Let's go!


I think June is over. I'm not a quilter, but this seems like a good idea and a way to get rid of clutter, so you could send your stuff off and give a fake address so you wouldn't get anything back. You could do this with anything, like that old skillet you never use, or the stackj of New Yorkers you haven't read yet, or underpants that you never wear any more, or etc., etc.
Correction noted and made. Am sending you 3 sneakers that don't match anything and a cat dish emblazoned "FuzzButt." I might throw in a Tupperware container of something mysterious that lurks in the back of the fridge and frightens all of us. I know your address. Be nicer to me; I've been through a lot.
debijeanm said…
Well, darn! This sounds like so much fun! But one of my colleagues runs an after-school quilt club at school and I donated a copy-paper box full of fabric I knew I would never use as well as all my scraps. I'm fresh out.

Y'all sure have fun, though, and I'll be lurking in my non-scrappy corner applauding you all on!
The Calico Cat said…
Have you done anything with the batiks that I sent you? Never heard much on that subject....

Did you friend at least like them?
Juliann in WA said…
hey Nancy - I could send you some scraps if you promised not to send any back to me :)
It does sound like fun but I am trying to de-scrap my life friend.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Nancy, You make any swap or contest sound like too much fun but, alas, I'm a swimmin' in the deep end of the scrap pool and am quite fearful of being over my head to the point of drowning in whatever would be returned to me.
*karendianne. said…
I don't have scraps to send away. I looked to see what I had and thought I couldn't part with them. It seems selfish when you can't even part with your leavings and shavings!!!

Now, if I could have dibs on your scraps I'd definitely do THAT. I'm so rotten. ;>

Spoiled and Rotten Love, *karendianne/ Living Life at LeeHaven
Julia said…
Count me in on the scrap swap!!! What a great idea!!
Faith said…
count me in but beware just when you go lurking for scraps you will find things that you didnt know you had and it just bred more fat quarters in other secret corners and my.... you will find them in the bathroom, under the telly in the dog basket.... darn,,, how did they get there?... anything can happen when you're a quilter.