Saturday, July 19, 2008

In Good Time

The Give-Away post is coming.

The matching up of the Summer Scrap Participants (eleven of us!) is coming.

If my mother were here, she'd say, "So is Christmas."

But she isn't here, and I've got a lot going on, and am running late. Which is unusual for a person who usually aims to have things finished several days before they are due and who, when going someplace new, always allows an extra half-hour for getting lost.

I'm not feeling like the guy in the picture, and I'm proud of that. Usually when I'm late or fail a commitment, I get panicky. This time, I know I'll get these things done. Just not as quickly as I'd hoped and planned.

Friends, this is progress for me. (See that, Guenveur? There is hope.)

A busy and stressful time at work. A couple of social obligations. The second eye surgery. Instilling countless eye drops in both eyes at strategic intervals. Working on the Finish Five challenge. Beginning to plan for our vacation which begins in a few days. Managing a heart-healthy household. Taking a dinner to a broke-leg friend. And an inordinate amount of napping. Watching the Tour De France with Joe (of all things!). These are the things that have filled my past week.

The Give-Away and Summer Scrap Swatch Match are coming. I want them to stay fun things, and not turn into obligations and have the joy sucked right out of them. Hang in there with me, will you?


Karen Dianne Lee said...

I honor your progress! You get huge Gold Stars for it, too. Seems you're changing your daily rhythm right along with the Joe's.

Hand in Hand Love, *karendianne./ Living Life at LeeHaven

(ps: 11 participants - right on!!!)

Kim said...

Take your time. My pile of scraps isn't going anywhere--YET! LOL!

Guenveur in Kent said...

Puff! Gasp! Pant! One person's idea of cutting back is another person's idea of a lot of stuff going on. But you are trying. You must remember that I am very, very old and move like a slug and try not to do much of anything that requires mailng packages.