Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Milestone!

Hey! It is nine o'clock at night and for the first day in five -- count 'em, five -- weeks, I have had no medicine of any kind today! My froat is sore and I'm thinking the ibuprofen might be in order as I get ready for bed. Which will be pretty soon, because I did a lot today.

A whole lot of laundry. Church. Brunch at church. Cleaning up after dinner guests last night. Making the main course for a pot luck dinner on Wednesday.

And sewing! Got a Christmas present entirely finished today! Can't post a picture for a couple of weeks, but trust me, it turned out well. The only remaining Christmas gift is the dolly I'm making for Carrie, and I believe that will get done with no trouble. I'm using an ancient Raggedy Ann pattern, but instead of those black eyes and red hair, this dolly will be a blue-eyed blonde. Like her mom.

Yours for progress on many fronts,


Lorraine said...

gotta love feeling better and not having to take medication!....hope it continues! No stitching here over the weekend....just have a couple of things to finish on the weekend...and a little bit of shopping and the Christmas gifts are done....looking forward to the day and to the three weeks I have off work...woo and hoo!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Can't wait to see your precious dolly... I love that! Hugs for health! Yay!! :)