Like a Cheap Tent

My dear friend and sistah Jan is fond of using the expression, "She'll fold like a cheap tent!" when making reference to another No Blog Friend's habit of succumbing to the purchase of certain Civil War fabrics. I've always loved the expression (loved the CW fabs, too, but that's another story).

Friends, I done folded. Like a cheap tent.

Months ago I joined Chooky Blue's SSCS and was assigned a lovely lady in Oz to make a gift for. I had a lot of fun making her gift and picking up some local color items to include with it.

Last week a package from Oz came to my house by mail. It was from the wonderful woman -- also in Oz -- who had been given my name. I wrote immediately to thank her, and I wandered around her blog, astounded at how much we have in common. I resisted opening the package.

Monday evening when my girlfriends were visiting, dear Dottie asked, "Are you involved in that international Secret Santa project again this year?" I told her yes, and shared what I'd made for my recipient. When she asked if I'd received a package, and I confessed that I had, she reminded me that last year I'd opened my package when the Good Guys were gathered.

There is a lot to be said for tradition. Particularly if it provides instant gratification! And so I opened my package.

My next post will show pictures of the lovely gifts that Lorraine made for me.

She is so generous.

And I am so spoiled!

Yours for cheap tents,

Comments for being part of the swap.........
LoieJ said…
I never heard that expression before, so it is a good fresh one for me to use.
*karendianne. said…
Okay, well, here I am. Waiting to see...

Practicing patience with Love, *karendianne.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Waiting with bated breath... I'm guilty of folding in a likewise fashion... but really now, who can buck tradition?