Healthy Hearts In The News

I honestly intended for this next post to be the pictures of the wonderful gifts that Lorraine sent to me.

But there is news to report, news too good to keep.

Yesterday Himself visited the Cardiologist, who proclaimed that he is doing well and that the stents in his heart now have a 98% likelihood of holding indefinitely. There was an incident a few weeks ago, a brief period of light-headedness that resolved quickly. But Dr. Cohen wants Joe to wear a monitor for two weeks. Just to see. Which is fine.

There's another peculiarly wonderful piece of news. Twenty years ago, at the time of opening his own practice, Joe developed a spot of eczema on the palm of his hand. Various treatments have had no effect. The dermatologist was not optimistic.

When Joe took sick in May, he was put on a raft of medicines (or medications, as the case may be!). Blood thinner, cholesterol-lowerer, platelet-coater, and I can't think what else. And all at once, the hand rash cleared up, never to return. He mentioned to the doctor yesterday, who had never heard of such a thing. That's okay.

But he's going to tell the dermatologist when he sees her next. Perhaps something can be figured out that might help someone else!

And I promise to post the pictures of Lorraine's bounty next time. Honest.

Yours for healthy hearts,


Karen said…
Oh Nancy, wonderful news about Joe's health as well as the serendipitous resolution of his eczema! Rejoicing with you!

*karendianne. said…
Great news and just as a trippy bit of info ~ this same thing happened to my elderly neighbor and they never found out the reason for it. It just happened to coincide with the heart survival cocktail. No clue as to what fixed it but there you have it.

"All the news that's fit to print" with Love, *karendianne.
Anonymous said…
Dear Nancy,
I have been enjoying your blog quietly for sometime. Today I just have to thank you. My wonderful daughter has suffered greatly from excema all of her 30 years. Even though she is very careful about her diet and weight and a bit of an exercise "nut" she has seen her cholesterol march steadily upward. I will email her your husbands observations. Who knows- you may be " on to something".
Thank you,
keep making a joyful noise, we all surely need it!
Lorraine said…
Great news indeed.....!!! the sort you need to shout from the rooftops.....!
SallyB said…
It's fascinating how it's now being found that medications that are supposed to treat one condition are being found to work on others. My cousin Terry is receiving chemotherapy for a malignant glioma (brain tumor) that is supposed to be used to treat colon cancer, but has shown promise in treating his kind of brain cancer.

So you never know what's out there in the way of medicine that hasn't yet been discovered as being an effective treatment for something that hasn't responded to other medications. This is indeed good news regarding Joe, and if he even remotely remembers me, send him my greetings and best wishes for continued good health.
That is good news. The eczema is a bonus, a good one.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Merry Christmas! Thanks for sharing this wonderful update. Life is GREAT!
Tanya said…
That's so great! So many blessings! I know how you've worried about your hubby even though you don't want to be a worrier. But rejoicing and sharing your joy is another thing!!! Give him a big hug from all of us! We are joyful with you!
julieQ said…
I am so happy for your dear husband and you! Yahoo!! We are 3 years out now from DH's MI and holding tight. Makes Christmas even more special!!