Her Hair's Come In!

Once I got the image of the dolly's being a chemo patient with her bald head and the blue lines on her scalp for the placement of her hair being all too reminiscent of the kinds of markings that indicate radiation, I got all grandmothery towards her. Nothing would do but that she should have a little quilt to keep her warm at night. After all, she's been through so much!

She's finished, as is the quilt (machine pieced, hand quilted), and so is the last of the baking and the food preparations for tomorrow. Joe and Amy have the ingredients for a big pot of Swedish glogg and I have herring and smoked salmon and other goodies for Scandinavian appetizers. The ham is in the fridge downstairs along with the pineapple stuffing, the broccoli casserole and the tomato pudding -- my work for tomorrow is minimal.

The weather Near Philadelphia is iffy; there was nasty rain forecast, but there is some blue in the sky and I doubt the rain will deliver. Which is good, because in our area around dusk on Christmas Eve the luminarias appear out by the curb and burn until after midnight, welcoming the light of the Christ Child into the world.

We're ready for Christmas. In o so many ways!

Someone asked if I had embroidered the heart with "I Love You" on the dolly's chest.

Of course.

Peace and joy to you. And you and you and you.


Gretchen said…
Merry Christmas! I have really enjoyed discovering and reading your blog this year--here's a great new blogging year!
Juliann in WA said…
EnJOY your Christmas and that sweet grandbaby.
I love her sporty "do." She looks as if she's ready to GO.
Merry Christmas.
Unknown said…
She is beautiful and will be loved by a very special little girl!

Merry Christmas and I hope the weather holds out for you guys.

Enjoy your day!

Mrs. Goodneedle said…
...and you and you and you, too! She's a treasure, Nancy, but you know that! Love her matching quilt, too. Well done. Sweet dreams!
Lorraine said…
........and Christmas greetings to you Nancy! My...that dolly turned out well...I am sure she will be loved...and the little quilt is just the thing to accompany her to her new home...we have had a fabulous morning with the kids and their partners...btw they loved the stockings! Hope your new year is creative and full of family good times!
Gita said…
Merry Christmas from the north of Sweden. Hope you enjoyed your scandinavian appetizers.
Tanya said…
Oh!!! Such a sweet present! Such a wonderful grandmother! Hand made dollies must be the best present ever and to have her own quilt too. That is a lot of love!