Bounty from Oz

When I was in elementary school, the report card system spoke to our academic achievements and our behavioral traits. I did well on academic achievements. Behavioral traits were another story. To my mother's despair, more than once I brought home a report card with an "X" by the dreaded statement: "Does not follow directions." In the eyes of the third, fourth, fifth grade teachers, this was a terrible flaw indeed. Those of you who know me today are muttering, "Some things never change." A terrible, terrible flaw.

Except in the case of Lorraine. As my SSCS partner, she was instructed to create a hand-made gift. And send it to me.

Do you see what the woman has done? The bounty barely fits into the camera's window! And there simply wasn't room for the darling little hand-made package decorations. First and foremost is a gorgeous, exquisite hand-stitchery which will go up on the wall without delay. A darling bag, too, which has at least a thousand uses. And a needle book and a stocking, each sporting amazing hand stitchery that I find so challenging. But it won't be challenging for long, as Lorraine has also sent me two small projects of my own to do! Friends, I kept unwrapping and unwrapping. And smiling and smiling!

Isn't she lovely and generous? And wasn't Chookyblue marvelous to match us up together? I feel so blessed. And spoiled.

Yours for ignoring directions,


Lorraine said…
.....and I thought there were directions on the parcel that said "do not open until Christmas" we both have issues with following direction!! Glad you liked the goodies I sent...I had fun making them and have to thank Chookyblue for her efforts with the swap....!
*karendianne. said…
I don't even know where to start with regards to all the lovely work! Lorraine has a very nice hand, perfectly even stitching and a big huge heart!!! What an incredibly magical package ~ perfect for the Season. No, wait. Representative of the Season!

I can say this as well. I can think of very few people that are deserving of such a Bounty! Lorraine can be assured her gift is appreciated, loved and treasured.

Amy said…
what beautiful things,, how many of us follow ALL the directions??
thanks for sharing, Have a great wknd
Beautiful are very lucky
Yay! Comments let me in this morning!

You are spoiled rotten by your Secret Stitcher, and you deserve every bit of the spoiling you've been blessed so abundantly with!

And here's to not always following directions!

Wow. What an amazing Secret Santa prezzie. It all looks beautiful. Lorraine is very talented.
SallyB said…
I think that handmade gifts are the best of all, because they come from the heart instead of some store. There is something very personal about receiving a handmade item that someone put some sweat equity into that makes it all the more priceless. That someone did this for you is even more special and although I do not know the individuals involved, I envy you what seems like an intimate group of gal pals and quilting friends. How very old fashioned to have groups of women in community quilting together and exchanging handmade gifts with one another like this.
what a wonderful present from Lorraine.......thanks for being part of the SSCS.......