Recession Got You Down?

Recession got you down? Well, you're not alone. Everybody -- let me repeat -- everybody is impacted by what's going on economically. It isn't just you. And chances are, what's happening to you isn't as painful or horrific as what is happening to many, many others.

Recession got you down? Your portfolio has diminished? Your 401(k) not worth what it used to be? Worrying about having to touch your principal? Guess what: You're not special. Everyone who has any savings or investments is affected. And then there are all those people who are not even in a position to have investments and savings.

Recession got you down? It's got all of us down. So, please, let's make a pact not to talk about it. I'd much rather hear that your grandson is starting to crawl than whether your principal is intact. I'd like to know that you got a good report from the doctor and not from your broker.

And one other thing. Instead of talking about your diminishing 401(k), you might want to contact the Visiting Nurses Association to find a family you might help make Christmas for. Or pick up a name of a disadvantaged child in foster care who will have a brighter holiday as a result of your gift; this just might help you worry less about your principal. Providing a grocery basket for a widow who is scraping by on Social Security could take your mind off the old portfolio. Even for just a few minutes.

Yours for giving during hard times,


I agree - we are doing what we can with what we have and it feels good. Don's company is helping out three families that are somewhat associated with the company - not all employees, but have some connection. One lady is heading it up - the rest of the employees are donating money, food, gifts - whatever they can give. The plan is to continue this help after the holidays also - because we all know - hunger and need are not just at christmas.
In my usual pre-holiday mental frenzy of what gifts shall I make for whom, and what supplies will I need for those gifts, I got derailed by my knee going "belly up" on me. I have resolved, this year, to not only make all my gifts but to do so with supplies I already have on hand. After all, it's the giving - not the receiving - and I know that each crocheted dishcloth, apron, "green shopping bag" or warm cap was constructed with love in each stitch, and I am getting even greater joy from stitching them, and recalling Christmases where, if gifts were not hand-made, they were non-existant.
Juliann in WA said…
I am with you - I know that our family is far from suffering and so happy to be able to help others who really are in that bad spot. So, after we pack a bag for the food bank, let's chat about quilting or books!
Unfortunately there are some folks who are close to retirement age and their company pension plans involve 401k retirement funds. It's not a matter of not being mindful of those in greater need, but their situations are pretty frightening for them. I have friends in that situation; the wife's company is spinning her division off with no guarantee of health benefits or retirement plans similar to the one she has now. I guess she'd like to foget about it, but it's not easy, especially as she has some chronic heatlh problems. It's bad for everyone, yes, but much worse for some. Some of us are luckier than others.