Two Quilts Gone Home

Last night my girlfriends, the Good Guys, gathered at my home for our Christmas dinner and gift exchange. Eight of the nine of us were able to be present, and we had a lovely time. This is such an easy group to have -- everyone brings something to contribute to the meal, and they all pitch in to clear and clean-up. I had a couple of quilts I'd made for these friends and gave them away last night.

Joanne and her husband have just moved into a new retirement center. I told her I "know those places can be drafty" and wanted to make sure she would keep warm enough when she wanted to take a nap. I had made Meadowbrook Pasture (a modification of the Meadowbrook Farm pattern) for her out of Civil War fabrics. This picture is of Joanne with Elaine, snuggling under Meadowbrook Pasture.

Two years ago I found a kit for a quilt that would be perfect for Carol, our genuine Scandinavian whose birthday is Christmas Day. So I bought it and gave it to her and said "happy birthday for this year. If you want me to make it for you, then happy birthday for two years!" She wanted me to make it for her, but I didn't get it done in time for her birthday last year. Shame on me! I finished it a month or two ago and gave it to her last night so that she could use it for her Christmas decorating this year. Here we have Carol with Kathy trying out this new quilt.

It was so good to be together, to catch up. Our group has been through some exceedingly hard times during the past year and while we needed updates on some of those things, we kept the focus for the evening on the good things -- the new babies expected in the spring, the miraculous gift of a liver transplant for a daughter, a doctoral degree for another daughter and three -- count 'em, three! -- weddings in the next year! Three weddings = three more quilts. Ben's is finished. Stephanie's top is finished and a date with the quilter is set. Then there is Emily and I do confess that I'm struggling just a bit about what her quilt should be. I'm not worried because I know it will all "come together" in time, but right now I'm pretty much clueless.


Juliann in WA said…
Sounds like a lovely evening. Women friends are so wonderful.
I know that living room!! And I loved the quilts Nancy, just terrific!

Wishing you and yours (And tell them all for me) a wonderful Christmas!

Linda said…
What a wonderful friend you are! Your quilts are beautiful.
SallyB said…
A night with the gals - just the thing we women need from time to time. It sounded wonderful, and your quilts are a real work of art! Gorgeous! Love the one you made for my mom!
Leslie said…
I can't think of anything more special than a quilter giving another quilter a quilt. They know what it takes and appreciate and they feel the love. You must be a generous soul. I barely finish my own, let alone quilts for others!
Anonymous said…
I just love, love the Meadowbrook Pasture quilt! I am sure your friend will treasure it.
Kathy B
Rusty Acres Rancy
Anonymous said…
Oops, I meant Rusty Acres Ranch!
I was a very long day of school nursing :-)
*karendianne. said…
Thrilled to see Meadowbrook Pasture in its new home!!! Enjoyed watching you work on that one.
Shasta Matova said…
Both of these quilts are beautiful. You are a generous woman indeed.