Great Gatsby!

Remember the bride-to-be whose taste was hard to define? I wrote about her here.

Well, the more I thought about it, the more I knew that Big Jake really was not the right quilt for Emily and Drew. I wasn't sure what was, but it wasn't Jake.

And then, in an odd moment on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, it came to me. I have a lovely stack of Gatsby FQs. A photo went out to Em's mom who confirmed: Yes, that is right for Emily! And so another top is in progress and moving right along. I'm doing a very simple framed square pattern and hope to have something to publish within a few days. Actually, I really want to have the main part of the top together very soon because on Friday I may well be going to Sauder's where I hope to find the border fabric.

Another flimsy is finding its rightful home. Tom and Anastasia's friend Ken is to be married in the autumn, and I offered them their pick of the flimsy stack. The deal is that they'll pay for the machine quilting. I'll bind it and have money to reinvest in stash! Pretty good deal, eh? They went for the batik snowballs and as we looked it over, I realized I never put the final two sides on the border. I'd initially planned this quilt for Jenna to take away to college next year. Guess she'll be taking something else!

It felt so good to spend some time at the Bernina today. So very good, indeed.


Unknown said…
That Gatsby fabric is so lovely...I can not wait to see it all done up.

I too, got a little bit of time breaking in my new toy. Learning a new machine is a challenge...but it is really nice and was so needed.

Tanya said…
Great way to have everyone happy! Let them chose and let them pay for quilting. Good thinking!
Lorraine said…
Sounds like you have managed to keep everyone happy!....not a bad effort...glad you had some sewing time...I have found the floor of my sewing room...and then found an ironing board in there as well...who would have thought! LOL...hopefully some sewing will get done in the next couple of days..but for now i am just pleased the room is tidy enough to get in to!