Monday, October 11, 2010

Cape May Weekend

My humble appreciation to all who wrote to check on me, pointing out that ever since the post where I took a spill (quite literally!) in the cafeteria, I'd not blogged or Facebooked.  People were concerned that my tumble had turned out to be more than I'd thought.

I was so busy getting ready to go away that I didn't think to post before we went.  I would have said that I was a bit stiff and tender but actually quite fine.

A dear friend has a big house at Cape May and the family decided to rent it for the long weekend.  I had a vacation day on Friday and so did Sherry, Andrew and Amy.  Tom and Anastasia worked in the morning and Chris worked all day.  But eventually all of us plus the next generation arrived at Kathy's wonderful house where we had a wonderful weekend.

Joe and I drove down on Thursday evening, got moved in very quickly and sped off to Louisa's, our favorite restaurant, for a most memorable meal.  Friday morning we wandered over to the Mad Batter for breakfast and then to the Acme to stock up on provisions.  Sherry and her kids arrived just before lunch and A&A just after.  The house was just perfect for us and will continue to be perfect as the children grow.  One room is a dormitory -- it sleeps seven in bunk beds and singles. I can just picture it full of little ones at some point.  There are four more bedrooms that each sleep two and most can easily accommodate a portacrib. There are numerous common spaces and plenty of chairs on the front porch.  The house is beautiful, spacious, and on the beach block.  We shopped, cooked, walked the beach, went out for ice cream, fed seagulls, played Settlers, watched Phillies (yay!), played with babies and toddlers, and had a truly wonderful, wonderful time. 

I took my prepped Festival of Trees blocks along and when I wasn't reading to Sam or Caroline or holding one of the babies, I was busy stitching, and actually accomplished quite a bit.  It is conceivable that this quilt could be done for this Christmas.  Not likely, but possible.  We learned that good friends of A&A are expecting a baby daughter in February, and I suggested brown and pink CW repros to Amy and she concurred that this was a good choice.  Being mindful of not buying fabric to start new projects, but that said new projects are fair game if they come from fabric already owned, this fills the bill neatly.  There's a quilt day at a nearby church this Saturday, and I just might get going on this baby quilt that soon.

So I'm home, tired but happy, with a mountain of laundry to do, and a smile that just doesn't go away.  We walked past the "Life Is Good" shop and I could just hear Ms. G whispering in my ear and pointing, "Look at that!  See what I  mean?"

Life is rich and full and abundant.  And good, of course.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

See what I mean? ;)

Glad you're back and full of happy memories of reunions with your children and their wee ones.

I, too, was a little worried about your health!

Anya said...

Cape May is wonderful! My husband and I were just there a couple of weeks ago...Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all had a joyous time. Glad that you got to spend quality family time together.

Lori said...

That sounds so nice Nancy! The weather looked fantastic in the other photos.

Quiltdivajulie said...

VERY glad to know all is well!!!

Recharging our batteries is EVER so important . . .