Accuquilt Decision Made!

I've made up my mind.  And the thanks goes to you, my readers.  Your comments and insights helped me to look more closely at who I am as a quilter:
  • I'm not primarily interested in quilts that have lots of the same size pieces in the same colors.
  • I'm not looking to speed up my quilt making!
  • I have been piecing more intricate tops lately, piecing that requires actual thinking!
  • I actually like rotary cutting and my wrists are one part of my body that seem to be holding up well.
  • Like Kathy Noblog, rotary cutting provides me one more opportunity to fondle the fabric!
  • I don't have a good place to store a large new piece of equipment (remembering the quesadilla maker).
  • I could buy nearly a lifetime supply of blades for the cost of the Accuquilt.
  • I've been trying to quilt with intentionality.
I could continue.  But we both know the outcome now, don't we?  I'm not going to ask Santa for an Accuquilt.  I'm going to ask for some new blades!


wordmama said…
I know I sound like a dinosaur, but I still like the time it takes in the process. It gives me time to think and evaluate my decisions. I really like the thinking part.

Just about everyone in the world quilts faster than I do, so I guess that won't change with or without the GO!.

I'm not much of a trend setter, so I think I'll just wait and see what happens.
Nancy said…
I want to have fun quilting, not be the fastest in the west...

I agree ... not on my list either.
Anonymous said…
I'm with you. I really don't have space to store it, don't think I'd use it enough to pay for itself. And if my quilts are a little wonky, then that's me - unique, not cut from a mold/die.
Sweet P said…
Count me in on the non-Accuquilt brigade. I agree with all your reasons for not owning one.
Tricia said…
I almost bought into the AccuQuilt hype, after reading about it on everyone's blog. I especially don't enjoy cutting at all...but I don't have a small fortune to buy 100 different dies. I've stopped entering the giveaways because I really don't think I'd ever use it.
Susan said…
Although I kind of thought you were leaning toward not buying this gadget, it is important to go through the decision-making process. Both post on the GO gave me something to think about along the lines of how much is enough and how I can reduce the amount of things I own.
*karendianne. said…
Nancy, this is a really good, well thought out post. Thanks for sharing. *karendianne. who thinks you're mostly cool but is still working thru the decision making process.
I, also have decided that an Accuquilt cutter is not for me. This is a very thoughtful post. Thank you.
Although I have an AccuQuilt I most certainly respect your thoughts and intentions. I often wonder why everyone wants to do everything so quickly. Easy and Quick....seem to be the buzz words...and frequently I find myself really enjoying the process and purposely taking my matter what tools or project I'm working on/with.

Unknown said…
The blades get my vote - I seem to go through loads of them
Cathy Burk said…
I'm also coming down on the "no, thank you" side of this new tool too. Though I can appreciate why some people would love it, it just isn't for me...mostly for the same reasons you mentioned. Thanks for exploring this issue on your blog!
Quiltdivajulie said…
Good for you ... I do NOT want a GO. Your list of reasons read just like the unspoken list in my head!

The same thought process ties into the new Fabric Trends issue on the newstands. The one featuring Mark Lipinski who proclaims in his opening editorial that the magazine will now contain a recipe for each and every quilt shown (only in digital renderings since many of the fabrics have not yet been released) so readers can go to their LQS and "order up" the precise ingredients to replicate each quilt . . . in the words of Jimmy Buffet (Fruitcakes) - I don't want that much organization in my life, I want my Junior Mints!

Thanks, but no thanks, Mr. L. - I'll create my own recipes...
Quiltgranny said…
Well said all! I always wonder with every new gadget that comes along whether it is a marketing thing or is it really something that we need. I actually saw a "quilting spoon" in a bubble wrap sold for $15.00 each. What was it? An Oneida spoon - and you were to use it under the quilt to protect your fingers. And I need to BUY one of those? NOT!! But at any rate, I feel the same about this as you all do. One of my friends has it, and she wastes a lot of fabric, and by the time she has it done, I am already finished (using my June Taylor stripper) and watching her. So, thanks Quiltdivajulie for the quote - I just want my junior mints!
Anonymous said…
If you are wishing for rotary blades, the word is they are available at a hardware store called Harbor Freight which sells them to carpet layers at a price of two for $1.49! People say they work perfectly fine in the quilting rotary cutters.

Maybe Christmas can come early for you!