Second Hand Clothes

Blogless Kathy, a nurse who quilts in California, sent me a link to this terrific pattern, "Second Hand Clothes," by Bonnie Blue Quilts.  One of the things I love about Kathy is she has about the same amount of will power I have when it comes to joining another swap or starting another tantalizing project.  "Maybe we could swap some browns and reds," she suggested. 

I quickly became righteous and upstanding and reminded her that I wasn't starting anything new unless it was from fabric I already had.

Then I thought about it some more.  I have a lot of CW repro scraps.  FQs even.  I have muslin.  I looked at the pattern and loved it.

I caved.
Look!  Here's another version  that is even more beautiferous and look who's starring in it:  Brown!  I can't resist.  This quilt would make a perfect Leader-Ender project.

The women on my little swap list will be receiving an announcement later today about the swap I'm organizing to exchange the browns, the reds, and the other colors needed to make this quilt.  We'll be swapping 2-1/2" strips and also 6-1/2" squares.

And the more variety, of course, the more interesting the finished quilt will be.

If anyone who is not already a member of my 37NL swap list wants to play along, we'd love to have you participate.  Leave me a comment to that effect, and be sure to give me a way to get back to you.  I'll add you to the list and send you the guidelines for the swap.  Just to be clear:  We'll be using CW repro fabrics.  Don't go cutting up your shirts!


Nancy said…
oh my...that is gorgeous... NOW shall I send you the FQ'
antique quilter said…
oh my I LOVE this quilt....hmmm have to think about it would be great to swap repros for a quilt like this.
Anonymous said…
Yeah!!!!! It is nice to know my sistah Nancy, NP is weak like me, when it comes to the CW repros. And it will make a great leader ender project, all the better :-)
Kathy B
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I'm in, fell in love instantaneously.
Laurie said…
I would definitely like to be included in this swap. Very nice blog.
I saw this pattern on the BB website and drooled over it. I would lone to make it and join in on the swap. I am a big fan of CW prints and have a decent stash for swapping. Please, please add me to your swap list.
Deb said…
It's beautiful - I've never participated in something like this, how does it work? CW, I'm assuming is civil war reproductions. Does that cover a specific time of material, or designer? I have a bunch of Jo Morton material, are there others? Sorry to be so naive about this issue, but might be interested in participating if I have enough in my stash.
Anonymous said…
OK I will play - I mean exchange CW what ever....... there are a few "holes" in the what ever..... what is the time line, like when is this DUE????

Sure hope you can see my email below.... if not hollar...

No, Mimi, your email address did not show up. If you will send me a direct email (my address is on my profile page), I will include you in the group and send you the particulars.

You are going to love this pattern. We made the original quilt with 110 scraps, the new one in browns, one in brushed cotton plaids, one in Moda's Legacy collection and one in Moda's Morris Workshop collection AND it is always beautiful. Happy swapping and quilting.