The Movie

Remember when Saturday Night used to be Date Night?  I almost do!  And last night we had a date.  A real date, wherein we drove downtown to go to a movie!  On the way, we vaguely remembered that fifteen or twenty years ago we had done this before. 

I'd seen a trailer (which reminds me:  When did "previews" turn into "trailers"?) for the movie and quickly read the reviews.  They were kind of iffy and since I knew I wanted to see the movie, we decided to go downtown rather than wait to see if it lasts long enough to come out to the 'burbs.

I read the book right around the time I began this blog and wrote a review of it -- caution: spoilers! -- here and even then I imagined it would someday be a movie.  I found the movie to be very true to the book and we were both glad that we had gone to see it.  The two questions that the book raised for me continue to resonate:  How do we use others to feel good about ourselves?  And how do we use other people in general?


Pinkadot Quilts said…
I am near Phila too! the book looks good, I think I will give it a try.
If you haven't seen this, don't read the New Yorker review becuz the dude spills the beans right off. "Catfish" is good but sad. My daughter is here from Germany and we are going to movies a lot becus she likes seeing American films in English. We saw "Social Nerworks" today - very good. Interestingly, "Catfish" also involves Facebook also.