At Odds

Been feeling a bit At Odds lately.  Kind of like I'm waiting for something but am not sure what it is or if I'll even recognize it when it comes! 

The book I'm reading for the book discussion is blah; I'm forcing myself to get through it.  Itsy Bitsy is still on the design wall; I'm at that unpleasant stage of sewing on point rows with lattices together.  I've been struggling with my weight loss program.  I don't know what I'm going to take to White Oak. 

It's dark in the morning when I get up.  And the past couple of days have been unseasonably warm, not the least bit end-of-Octoberish.  The Phillies aren't in the World Series.  Work has been alternating bursts of too much and too little.  Can't seem to get caught up with the laundry.  The phone has begun to ring with recorded messages from political candidates.  Things aren't going smoothly on the church committee.

Grumble grumble grumble.  Grouse grouse grouse.  In a week and a half the time will change and it won't be dark in the morning.  In two and a half weeks I'll be at White Oak, happily working on whatever I decide to take. 

Next month's book has gotta be more rewarding than the present one.  I could make the acquaintance of a new vegetable or two.  I could take Itsy Bitsy off the wall and dig out a different UFO.  I suppose I could cheer on the Giants.  I could take the phone off the hook. 

None of these is a Real Problem.  And it will all work out.  But meanwhile, I'm a bit at odds.

This isn't a COW post, the picture above notwithstanding.  That photo came up when I entered "at odds" into Google Images.  I kind of liked it, though I must say those two do not look at odds.  Not one bit.


Pat said…
Venting. You are venting. We will have wine (not whine) at WO, and you will wooly bully those oddities away.
Salem Stitcher said…
Oh, how I needed to read your post this morning. I am with you - at odds. If I had a hole to hide in, I would...but I don't...and I can't. So, I think I will follow your example and look ahead.

Know that you were God's voice to me this morning and I am breathing a bit easier and smiling at the cows who are not at odds one bit.
Anonymous said…
I could have written your post and I'm beginning to think that the constant predictions from the media of a liberal defeat next Tuesday have depressed me without my even being aware of it. For those of us of a certain political persuasion, this is a scary time. Hang it there and know that reading you in the morning always gets my day off to a better start, even if you are feeling "at odds."
Nancy said…
wait no longer....I'm putting an envelope in the mail

some pretties should be there soon..
Ooooohhhh Girl....i'm right there with you....why is Autum so fickle and confusing for us....??!!

Quiltdivajulie said…
You know, I think A LOT OF US are feeling at odds . . . yes to the political calls/signs/ads and their effect on us, yes to the seasonal shift, yes to the uncertainties and politics at work, yes to the quick and strong onset of cold/flu season (SO many people are sniffling, coughing, sneezing and germing about) . . . I'd like to hide in my quilt studio and just stitch my way through it all . . .
LizA. said…
Well, at least it's good to know I'm not the only one feeling like least you have something nice to look forward to.

I know for me, part of it is knowing that the rush, rush of the upcoming holiday season is soon to be upon us. The older I get, the more I seem to dislike the holidays, or is it just the commercialization of them?
Kimberly Mason said…
I think it's okay to be At Odds at times. In fact, I think it is okay to Wallow in the At Odds Pond when you need to. It's when we hide from the Wallow and pretend it's not there that we get ourselves in trouble.

Sending you love!
Micki said…
I would have been upset about the Phillies too...Sometimes,we are all at odds!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I can relate to this post, I understand what you're saying... I've been there myself. I'm so happy to read that you were that voice for SS this morning when she needed it; a God wink indeed.
Sounds like you need a break. There must be something about this time of year. Hope things pick up soon.
Annemiek said…
HA! Me too! I thought I had a bit of an autumn depression.A week off from work did the trick for me. Monday I'll have to start work again ánd time changes here coming saturday. I'll be depressed again next tuesday for sure :) Nine weeks to go 'till the next holiday..
Ah well, sometimes the glass is just half empty, sometimes half full
howdidIgethere said…
I'd call my feeling "at loose ends" but it's pretty much the way you describe it. I know the state of the country and the upcoming elections are affecting me. Sometimes I wish I could stop caring about anything outside of my little piece of the world. But I don't know how.

The shorter days also bring me down, which will only get worse when DST ends next weekend.

Will be out of town for some or all of the next 3 weekends, so I'm lamenting in advance the lack of "me" time (sewing is part of "me" time). At least the last of those weekends is White Oak, so I won't have that problem!

Take heart -- this, too, shall pass.
Been there - felt that way - sometimes you just need to say it all out loud and then you can get past it and feel more upbeat. :) blessings, marlene
I think that cow is a bull, which makes the calf at odds, since there will be no free meal for the little tad.
We've had a beautiful fall here this year, but the dark mornings are enough to tern anyone into a COW. Which you're not. A cow, I mesquinesan.
WV: squines - complaining noises made by squirrels
Well, I see that I typed "squine" right in the middle of the word "mean." But you know what I mesquinean, don't you?