This morning Thelma was musing about her next project.  She was in the mood for brown.  Brown is so versatile.  Or perhaps even fickle.  One season we'll see her with pink, and then a couple of years later, with aqua.  Presently she seems to be hanging out with red

I'm a bit intrigued by how a particular color combination will kind of take over the quilting universe for a bit -- the nearly-over red and aqua craze has been in vogue for a couple of years now and is one I've easily resisted. 

As you can see, I caved on brown and pink -- Neapolitan is still one of my favorite flimsies and in a few years I'll get it machine quilted for Caroline's bed.  I did my time with brown and aqua and, in fact, the flimsy I made is going to the machine quilter's on Wednesday.  And I couldn't resist brown and red, either.  Oh, brown!  Who will you be hanging with next?

Thelma's post got me thinking that I'm in the mood for brown again, too.  (I must be -- I just noticed that I'm wearing brown pants fercryinoutloud.)

The other day someone from the White Oak crowd asked me what I was bringing (yes, we're going in just three weeks).  I didn't know.  I'm so focused on finishing up WISPs.  And, of course, there's the vow not to buy new fabric for new projects until they are well under control.  So I was thinking about taking some WISP or another. 

But this morning Thelma spoke of brown.  And I thought about the collection of brown FQs and cream FQs I built up with one specific project in mind.  And I thought about brown with pink, aqua, and now red, and decided that before she takes up with orchid (you heard it here first), I'm going to begin that project.  Yes, it is the long-anticipated SITP.  Here's a picture of one I've always admired, from my friend Amy's blog.  At White Oak.  In three weeks.

I just love it when everything comes together like that.


Nancy said…
Shall I send your CW FQ's early? I don't mind if you need some new-to-you stash...
Gretchen said…
An inspired post! Hmmm brown with that is a possibility.
Lori said…
That looks like a very ambitious project, and will look fantastic in brown and cremes!!
I've always loved brown and pink- so classic!
Anonymous said…
At the recent PIQF, there was a gorgeous brown and red quilt at the Bonnie Blue booth. Check it out!
This one is certainly on my list of to do quilts!
Kathy B
Linda said…
Sigh, I want to do SITP as well. I've loved it for years and finally got the book with the pattern. Now I just have to get up the gumption and get going on it. Absolutely no idea what colours--but brown and orchid do sound good????
Lurking Linda
Nicole said…
Oh my gosh, that Shakespeare in the Park quilt is so amazing. Just like my favorite quilt from PIQF. I need to make that quilt. I have always needed to make that quilt.
Anonymous said…
I just bought the book with the SITP pattern. I have no idea what colors I want to use, but I do enjoy just looking at the picture. I should start going through my stash to see what I have. Thanks for showing that quilt.
Gari in AL said…
Interesting color combination. I, too, like brown but usually see it with orange and cream. And I LOVE snail's trail blocks. I like them done in any color. I have done one with batiks (my header) but have been thinking of doing another, just haven't put all the design pieces together, yet. Have fun.