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I'd found twenty-four blocks all tucked in with the 30s repro fabrics, one shy of a baby quilt top.  There were a few other blocks of this size, but not in the right colors to be harmonious.  So I made one more and put them together in rows.  There was plenty of the green and yellow floral; I'd bought that specifically to go with these blocks. 

So now I have a little baby quilt flimsy put away with my other flimsies until I need a gift for a little one. 

Meanwhile, I've been working on assembling the itsy bitsy 30s, the 4.5" blocks, setting them on point with lattice.  I can only do a row or two at a time; the steps for the process tax my brain.  And my disposition.  It is all looking stinkin' cute, but don't expect a photo for a week or so.  It goes slowly.

And in my brain is the makings of another quilt, a hybrid of something I saw at Wanda's using fabrics I bought from Nicole's recent stash sale.  As soon as Stinkin' Cute comes off the wall, you know what I'll be doing!


*karendianne. said…
Yeah, I know what you'll be doing. Making yet ANOTHER stinkin' quilt. This is a year of finishes for Nancy for sure!
Pat said…
You forgot to give credit to your well-trained design wall. He gets better with practice, and is fast approaching "stinkin' cute" himself.

Love the 30's flimsy!