Something Purty

The receptionist phoned and mentioned a name that was new to both of us.  Not a student, not a parent, not an employee here at the school.  This person had received a piece of mail and the receptionist had opened it, looking for a clue. Since it turned out to be a little quilt pattern, she phoned me!

In with the pattern was a receipt for an Ebay transaction.  After checking the area directory for the intended recipient without success, I phoned the vendor.  She was a pretty confused lady, and seemed to think she could find the order and get the right pattern to the right lady.  But, meanwhile, she was appreciative of the phone call and told me to just go ahead and keep the pattern "and make something purty, honey."

Well, honey, I just can't start another something purty.  I just can't.  But if you can, leave me a comment, and on Monday I'll draw a number and one of you will receive this cute little pattern for a Crazy Eights quilt.


Anya said…
That pattern looks wonderful...I'd be happy to make something purdy! Thanks for the chance!
Having lived in the South for most of my life, I know "all 'bout makin' somethin' purdy"! Thanks for hosting a giveaway.
LizA. said…
well isn't that purty....what an interesting mystery.
Gari in AL said…
How cool is that! And hey, I'm not doing anything (joke). But it looks like a cute pattern.
Deb said…
I could make something purty with it. I have a huge stash and am always looking for a way to reduce it....OH, so I can buy more! Thanks for the opportunity.
I'd love to make something purty. I have a big stash, and a long list of charities waiting for anything that comes out of my sewing room. Thanks for passing the pattern along.
Susan said…
Looks like a great pattern to use up my scraps to make a quilt to donate to my guild's comfort quilt charity.
Anonymous said…
pick me pick me!!! your CA cuz
Gretchen said…
That's hysterical! If chosen the winner, I'll try my best to make somethin' purty. It might only be an inna that cuuuute though.
quiltmom anna said…
It looks like something very purty and how nice of you to share it ..
Hope you are having a lovely day and enjoying some purty countryside and weather.
Warmest regards,