"Stash Isn't My Problem!"

What a terrific weekend I had!  Friday evening, after a super-easy supper purchased from Whole Foods (I'd had a rough day with the 'puter at work and splurged), we watched "Room With a View" from Netflix and just loved it.  While we watched, I began work on a super-secret Christmas ornament.

Saturday I spent much of the day sewing with friends.  It was a superproductive day for me -- I had several UFOs with just a little bit needed and I managed to get the borders on a couple of projects, the setting corners on one, the rows sewn together for another, and borders determined for another.  For my Sister's Choice scrappy CW quilt, I'd brought along what I thought was going to be the right border and it was totally not the right border.  A red/brown CW print was recommended by my colleagues and I blithely said, "Well, I don't have much of a stash so that will have to wait for a shopping excursion to Sauder's."  This led to a discussion of stash and I steadfastly maintained that "Stash isn't my problem; UFOs are my problem."

When I got home, while digging in the cupboard for something else I found a red and brown CW flatfold I'd picked up at Sauder's a year or so ago and it is exactly right for Sister's Choice!  (I still don't think I have much of a stash, though.)  Sat with the Phillies on Saturday night; while they struggled with score issues, I struggled with cutting a bazillion pieces for the first block of Primitive Garden which I'd bought a few years back and rediscovered last month.  This project is fast on its way to be renamed "Seemed Like A Good Idea at the Time."

Sunday afternoon's task was making the binding for Twelve Oaks (out of the failed Sister's Choice border fabric, no less) and machining it on and getting one side hand stitched while the Phillies won!  Such a nice weekend!

Started the week off by choosing a winner for that "something purty" pattern and it is:

Susan who said,
"Looks like a great pattern to use up my scraps to make a quilt to donate to my guild's comfort quilt charity."

So, Susan, honey, get me your mailing address and I'll send it off to you tomorrow and you can get started makin' something purty.


Judi said…
Oh, how I envy my American sisters their large closets and access to plentiful local quilt shops!

As it is, on my trips to the US, I feel the need to try to buy enough fabric to last till my NEXT trip - and anticipate what I might need in that time.

That means I tend to arrive with a few projects in mind, so shop for those...and then just buy what I like in the hope that it will turn out to be the right thing.

That also means I have to maintain a stash that might shock many of you...but then I love looking at my fabric, too!

I'm not sure stash is my problem - but often finding the fabric I bought with a particular project in mind is my problem!

floribunda said…
I was thinking about you on Saturday and Sunday... what's all that stuff about waving handkerchiefs in the ballpark? (Go Giants!) LOL
Susan said…
What a nice surprise to win! I sent you an e-mail with my address.

Glad you had such a productive weekend. Isn't it great to get those UFOs done? Yesterday I learned a new acronym-USO or UnStarted Object. Boy, do I have a few of those!

Love the cartoon!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I am so energized by productivity... what a cycle to be in. Go, you!!

I love that movie, too.
suz said…
I recently moved and had my son and a couple of his friends move my fabric over to the new place. I had brought some over earlier and had it stacked neatly. They dumped everything in a pile. Oh my! I'm now trying to whittle it down and to not buy anything that doesn't have a project planned for it.
"Room With A View" is just about my favorite movie. I have been n that piazza where she fainted and had the "O Mio Babbino Caro" playing in my miad. Daniel Day Lewis is hilarious as the pretentious Cecil.
Lots o' quiltin' you're doing. I think a stsh competition would be interesting. Would the winner be the one with the least?