Cute As A Button

I bought the "Cute As A Button" baby jacket pattern by Jackie Clark ages and ages ago.  Initially, I thought I'd make it for Sam when he was just a wee little guy, and when that didn't happen, at some point I thought I would make it for Caroline.  But that didn't happen either.  Enough with the delay!   With two new potential consumers in the family now, this past week I went to the shop and picked out some coordinating fabrics and last night finally got to work!  It is all finished except for the buttons, and I didn't want to wait until I get out and get them before posting a picture.

Comments on the experience:
  • The yardage given in the pattern is very generous.  It calls for a yard and a third, and in the size I made (infant), I used a scant half yard of each fabric.
  • The infant size is awfully cute, but the topstitching on those tiny sleeves gave me fits.  I don't know if I'll make another in this tiny size, because I don't really see any way around the problem.
  • When I make it again, I'll put the pockets up a little higher.  Joe wanted to know, "What is he going to put in those pockets, anyway?"
Speaking of "cute as a button," here's a picture of the guy who's going to wear it, Nathaniel, with his very proud father.  They'll all be leaving in a few short weeks to spend the summer at the Brevard Music Festival in North Carolina, and we know from our trip there last summer that the evenings can sometimes get a little bit chilly. 

If that little guy gets a chill, it's not going to be my fault! 


The jacket is darling...and will look terrific on your new "fella"!
altar ego said…
How adorable! Our little guys are in Texas, and I always feel cautious about making them anything with sleeves. I guess it gets cool there, too, but with my luck, they'd be just the wrong size during the right season! You inspire me, nonetheless.
Pat said…
This jacket turned out spectacularly!! The fabrics you chose could not have been more perfect. Making children's clothing has its ups and downs. Tiny spaces to scwunch around, but much smaller and more manageable pattern pieces with short seams. They get finished so much faster, and there's almost so angst about the perfect fit.

I had forgotten about the summer at the music festival. What a wonderful place to spend your first months as a developing person -- can you imagine all of the beautiful sounds that will become part of his soul? He is a lucky little man!
Denise in PA said…
Nancy, that is such a sweet jacket - and the little guy is even sweeter! What fun to spend the summer at the music festival!
*karendianne. said…
How sweet this is and gf, I'm cracking up at Joe's comment. He's right. OMG he's so right.