May Miscellany, Part Four (I Think)

On Thursday evening while I was waiting for news from A&A, I finished the last of the blocks I needed for the birthday block swap; it was a nice dark fabric Churn Dash on tan background.  I didn't get a picture of it.

Next I started work on an apron that I need for a gift; I had a good sized assortment of blue and white fabrics that at one point had been intended to be a quilt with embroidered squares hither and yon, and then I realized that I wasn't that smitten with embroidery!  And set the whole mess aside.

I thought blue and white would make a pretty apron and cut out all the pieces and did the whole inset part before I got so preoccupied with worrying about my laboring DIL that I couldn't concentrate.  Friday evening, Eli having arrived safe and sound and mother and baby both doing well, I finished my project.  I'm pleased with how it turned out and hope that the recipient likes it, too.  I can't name her here, for she just might be a reader.  I don't really know for sure.


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
You are amazing, this recent rate of productivity is a tad bit intimidating. What's next? I expect to see a Baltimore Album, Mariner's Compass and a Dear Jane quilt all before Wednesday! Way to go~ I can't focus when I am anxious and, as a result, NOTHING gets done; I am impressed!
I love aprons and this one is beautiful. I hadn't thought of putting blocks on like that. blessings,marlene
Gretchen said…
Lovely apron! I bet the recipient will adore it.

WV: fownbog--right next to the losbog.
Denise in PA said…
What a beautiful apron (I love blue and white!) I need to make some aprons, I know they are very popular right now and I've seen some great patterns!
altar ego said…
Beautiful! Simple and elegant. It seems aprons are making a comeback--a great thing for all of us with stashes of extra fabric lend themselves to such a project. Now to clear off my sewing table!
Pat said…
This is so modern yet so classic. You did a lovely job. Pattern? BTW, how are you coming on quilted cover for your car (grin). Prolific, thy name is Nancy!

WV bedeso: a place to sleep whilest dreaming of even MORE stitching projects
Deborah said…
Nice combination of fabrics.