Guess who had the day to herself? 

Himself had gone off to the Synod Assembly and then to meet with a potential client afterward, leaving me alone for almost the entire day.  I didn't mind a bit!  Guess what I did!

First I made this bag.  When we go to Chautauqua, each morning I walk up to the farmers' market to buy what we might need for the day.  There's a woman who has wonderful prepared entrees, a different one each day, many of them vegetarian and all made from healthy ingredients.  We feel so virtuous eating her food!  But I digress.  I also buy the fruits and veggies and milk and cheese that we might need and haul it all back to our little apartment.

Then, when it is time to go to the Amphitheatre for a lecture or program, I have to bring along my sit-upon and whatever sewing project that is in progress.  And sometimes a note pad.  All of these needs called for a nice, large, sturdy tote bag.  And so I made this one for me!

Then I made two more specialized book covers for summer gifts.  Both were made entirely from scraps.

I had a whole lot of errands including the vitamin store, the shoe store, the drug store, the food store, and a Target gift card.  I stopped at Target first, a store I usually only go to when I absolutely have to because of the location and the parking.  Ended up getting not only the gift card, but the Vitamin D, the shoelaces, the toiletries, and the frozen items all in the one stop!  I was amazed.  Am thinking much more charitably about Target these days.

I did several loads of laundry, cleaned up a wash tub overflow, did the regular grocery shopping, made a nice dinner, and finished my book (nothing to recommend).

Oh, and guess where else I went!


Pat said…
OK Twinkletoes, what kind of vitamins do you take? You are cranking out the projects at a rate only equaled by Turbo!! I really love the fabric you used for the bag -- do you remember what line it's from? Are you using a specific pattern or just winging it? That might be a good group project for WO.

WV = bumpl. That thing in the middle of your quilt block that just won't iron flat.
Susan said…
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Susan said…
Isn't it amazing how much one can get done when left to one's own devices? Even though I love my husband and children dearly, I crave times when they are not here to interrupt me.
quiltmom anna said…
What a fun and productive day you had-
We do not have Target in Canada- We have Walmart- not sure if they are equivalent but I do read about the wonders of Target. I thought I read somewhere that they had Liberty Cotton in the Target stores for a very good price. I am drooling at the thought.
Your note books and bag are lovely.
Have a fabulous Mother's Day.
Warmest regards,
FeatherDuster said…
Great fabric for the bag!