Family Fun

Sherry and Chris had a family picnic yesterday and I took along some things I had made for the kids.

Sherry loved the birdy dress, as did I.  But when we put it on Caroline, it was way, way too tight in the armholes.  I had thought that it seemed skimpy when I was putting it together, but it really didn't work at all beyond this one photo op.

My friend Sherron has a granddaughter who is younger than Caroline and wispier in build, so I'm sending it on to her to see if Maddison can get some use from it.

I'd made some capri pants from the same pattern designer (Portobello Pixie/Sandi Henderson) and they weren't a good fit either.  I think that I'm going to make a trip to Joanne's Fabrics and peruse the Simplicity and McCall offerings; they always worked when my kids were little.

The Cute As A Button Jacket was a better fit, but only slightly.  She won't get much wear out of it.    I've been making size 3T for Caroline; she is still wearing some store-bought 2Ts but is getting 3Ts from here on out.  I had no reason to think 3T patterns wouldn't be a good fit.  I'm thinking I'll get some fabric and make another CAAB Jacket in a 4T to take her into the fall. 

I sure was right about these being her colors, though.

The pillowcase for Sam, however, fit just right!


floribunda said…
She's adorable! It's great that you have a whole series of little ones to sew for -- everything will fit someone...
altar ego said…
I love the pillowcase trend. My Mom made all of us Christmas pillowcases when we were young, and I STILL have mine almost 50 years later!

You give me so many ideas for my grandsons!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Some precious photos; sorry the clothes weren't perfect though. The blue jacket looks terrific on Caroline, the color just sets off her beautiful eyes! Love that pillow case, too! I know you had fun with two of your favorite little ones.
Salem Stitcher said…
Oh my gosh, SHE is cute as a button herself!!
Tanya said…
She looks so cute in her jacket. That's the trouble with children's clothes they are grown out of so quickly. Gives you a great excuse to make lots more!