Elijah Boo, Here's One For You

As I said in my previous post, there was plenty of fabric left after making Nate's little jacket.  Plenty.  And it was pretty obvious what I would do with it, wasn't it?

Here's something I tried on this one to make the topstitching of the sleeves less difficult:  As soon as I cut the pieces out, I pressed up the sleeves 3/8" on both the jacket and the lining.  And then I ran a basting stitch.  Which prolly wasn't necessary, with the good pressing, but what the heck.  It helped a lot.  This one went together much more quickly than the first one.  Experience pays off. 

So here they are, cute as a button, waiting for their buttons (which I hope to pick up early this week one day after work) and then I'll ship them off to their rightful owners.

What a fun weekend this has been!


altar ego said…
These are just so dang cute. Times 2!
Susan said…
These are just too cute for words!
Gretchen said…
Oh I want a cute little blue and brown jacket too!