Summer Gifts and

summer not.  Sorry.  It's an old family joke.

I need to make some gifts for some summer occasions, and after tidying up the sewing room (somewhat), I made a list of these gifties and of some other odds and ends that I need to take care of, and am going to spend May dealing with this list because I really don't like to sew under pressure at the last minute.  I'll return to Bill's Baskets and Farmer's Wife and Caramel and Indigo once these are out of the way.

First up was finishing the 9 patches for the CW swap and once that was done I moved on to make a shoofly block for each participant and then crossed that off the list. 

Then I dug into my William Morris stash and made this tote bag for one of the gifts.  It went together like a dream with some good stiff Pellon interfacing, and I had fun with it. 

Back to the list to see what's next. 


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Lovely! You are so prepared, must have been a scout!
*karendianne. said…
Ohhh la, la. That's a fantastic bag. You're so good about tracking and planning what you have going on, too. I'm fully impressed!
Pat said…
From a pattern, or from the fertile mind of Nancy? Love love love those summer colors, which seem to go quite well with today's word verification: MINTLY. Also impressed with the flower pot accessory. Any word on Hammy?

Mrs. Goodneedle, do you remember making a "sit-upon" in scouts?
Susan said…
Wish I was one of the people on your gift list! Love the bag!
Sharon said…
I love my bag! It goes to the library with me - I have to be careful not to load it up with books - too heavy they are! It goes grocery shopping with me - and best of all, it carries everything I need to go to the beach - and that time is coming soon, I hope. It can also be very mundane and simply carry stuff I need for work and office. I love it and offer prayers of thanksgiving each time I use it! Thank you!